Posterizing: Adventures with ‘The Muppets’ and ‘Tintin’

Movie posters are a big part of the movie business, and over the years have transformed into collectors’ items. Sure, some of the standard floating head posters do nothing more than showcase the stars involved with the movies. Still, other times posters have the ability to become works of art, pieces worthy of being framed and hung in any cinema lover’s theater room. In our new recurring feature called “Posterizing,” we’ll highlight interesting posters and discuss what they hopefully say about their movies.

Personally, I have a few framed movie posters. I have a double-sided poster of ‘WALL-E’ from Disney Movie Rewards, a poster from ‘Casino Royale’, and a ‘Ratatouille’ poster hanging in the kitchen. I wish I had more room for posters, but with limited wall space, I’ve got to be choosy. Tell us in the Comments about the posters you have in your home.

Here are some new movie posters that have caught my attention:

‘The Adventures of Tintin’

I have no idea what to expect from Steven Spielberg’s new movie ‘The Adventures of Tintin’, but I do know that the new poster for it reminds me of the ‘Peter Pan’ poster used for the 2003 live-action film. The artwork gives the movie a very fun and whimsical look to it.

The other ‘Tintin’ poster highlights the action that we can hopefully expect in the movie, with pirate ships on fire and planes going down. Neither of these posters is very artistic in the sense that you’d want to hang them on your wall. They’re standard marketing fare, but still fun to look at.

‘The Muppets’

One of my most anticipated titles of the year is the new Muppets movie. I love its poster too. Even though it’s a floating head-esque picture, how often do you get to see the Muppets walking on their own two legs?

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  1. HuskerGuy

    Rocky 1 and Rocky 6 posters are all I have.

    Of course I love the movies, but I bought the posters because they were black & white and simple.

    The original Rocky poster is the classic two hands over the head poster that says “His whole life was a one in a million to one shot”. The picture is simply iconic and features what I love about the movie and character.

    The Rocky 6 poster is in the same vain as the original and but is a closer shot on Rocky with a one-handed triumphant arm raise in the same spot as the original poster. The great saying “It ain’t over ’til it’s over” is on it. It is also black & white so the posters go perfectly together.

  2. I have a shit-ton of movie posters, but none of them are hanging anymore 🙁 Let’s see, off the top of my head some highlights include: Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, Tromeo & Juliet, Toxic Avenger, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, Lost Boys, a life-size stand up Iron Man. My Patrick Swayze stand-up still guards the bar, and my massive Terminator head (picked up when Blockbuster closed) guards the jukebox. There’s a lot more but I can’t think of them all right now.

  3. Aaron Peck

    My ‘Casino Royale’ poster is hanging above the crib of my future son. My wife wants me to take it down, but I’m going to fight to keep it up.

  4. I can’t help but think of the ‘Sex and the City 2’ poster when I see this new Muppets one.

    My pride and joy poster: a HUGE one-sheet for ‘Kill Bill’ that was made before the films were split.

  5. Tony

    I’ve always liked the 2001 ‘eye’ poster with the star child in the pupil. “The Ultimate Trip”

  6. Paul Frederick

    I have a ton of them, with the ability to hang 7 in my dedicated theater room. My favorites are PULP FICTION, NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, the original EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and GETTYSBURG.

  7. Alex

    I had a buddy in High School who worked for the local theater and used to hook me up with tons of posters. My favorites were Clear and Present Danger, The Saint, Spider-Man 2 (the teaser poster with MJ on it), and a Sean Connery “The Avengers” teaser poster. However, my pride and joy is a 7-foot vinyl teaser banner for Fellowship of the Ring with the twin statues on it. Not only that, but it’s from Brazil, so it’s in Portuguese.

      • Alex

        A big 30-screen multiplex opened up near me when I was a sophomore in High School, so half of the High School was employed there. It was glorious!!!

  8. I used to have the original one sheets for the first six STAR TREK movies lined along my wall at home…but then I moved away from my parents and they probably enjoyed throwing them out.

  9. EM

    I’m not sure Tintin and Milou are well-known in the United States, but I think the posters depict the twosome’s iconic silhouettes quite nicely for those who already are familiar with the characters.

  10. EM

    I used to hang a Psycho poster in my bathroom, but I don’t have quite the proper wallspace where I currently live. I have considered getting a headshot of Tony Perkins to place over the shower, though.

  11. only posters i have up right now are my reproduction THE BIRDS polish poster (so fucking awesome), and a mini for Sympathy for Mister Vengeance. i’m enjoying bare walls for the time being. looks better. less clutter

  12. I have the two posters for AvP but since they are about 8ft tall each I have never put either of them up. I do have The Empire Strikes Back framed, which to me is a classic