Movie Madness: Voldemort vs. John McClane

With the results of Monday’s Movie Madness battle, Indiana Jones is officially the first character to move into the Filmic Final Four. Even Boba Fett’s ultra-popularity couldn’t stand up to the force that is Indiana Jones. We’re looking for our next Final Four participant today with a matchup between Voldemort and John McClane. Let’s do this!

Yeesh, as much as I love John McClane, he’s going up against the world’s most evil wizard. Does he even stand a chance? His muggle-ness betrays him in a matchup like this. Voldemort seems like an unstoppable force now that Harry Potter has been dispatched. However, McClane is a resourceful bugger, and if any muggle could find a way to take out Voldemort, then McClane might be that man.

Voldemort – The wicked sorcerer has taken out his share of cinematic awesomeness. He’s dispatched Rocky and Tony Montana, two of the most recognizable characters in cinema history. He also took out Maximus – showing that no matter which time period a muggle comes from, he’s still a muggle. Voldemort has been bolstered by the fact that he uses the Dark Arts to kill his enemies. He has no scruples. Instead, he will use any means necessary to kill whomever gets in his way.


John McClane – McClane is my personal favorite when it comes to action heroes. The guy exudes the requisite badass-ness that action heroes should have. He’s a perfect blend of snark and killer instinct. No one else is as good at dispatching terrorists with a slight grin on his face. McClane has been through cinematic juggernauts like Jason Bourne and James Bond. He’s a hardened tournament champion now. Is that enough to overcome Voldemort?

Final Word: Truthfully, I’m torn. While I think that Voldemort has a clear advantage (can bullets even have an effect on him?), I have a hard time counting McClane out in any situation. Voldemort has magic at his side, but McClane is the most resourceful muggle he’ll ever encounter. I have to believe if any muggle could take Voldemort down somehow, it would be McClane. If McClane can’t pull it off, I don’t see how anyone else in the tournament stands a chance against Voldemort.

Voldemort vs. John McClane

  • John McClane (58%, 63 Votes)
  • Voldemort (42%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 109

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  1. As much as I hate to say this, there’s no way McClane can win this one. Voldemort is immune to bullets, explosions, fists, or anything else McClane could throw his way. Of the remaining contestants, I think only Darth Vader is an equally-matched opponent.

  2. “Now I have your wand…ho ho ho!”

    After putting up with all those rounds Boba Fett inexplicably won, it’s my turn! Happy trails, Volt!

  3. RBBrittain

    Only one muggle is immune to Voldemort’s killing spell, and that’s the winner of the VHS Bracket–whether Batman or Alice. (Read the end of the last book to see why.) That, and Vader-Voldemort would be an incredible finale–two Dark Lords indeed.

  4. saying that Mcclaine has never get killed owuld apply to any “hero” or “good guy” in practically any movie, and same goes for villains always getting defeated.

    Of all the absurd poll results thus far, this one really, really takes the cake. I mean really? One of the most powerful villains in movie history…

    • Aaron Peck

      I tried to explain what could’ve happened in the next post that will be up tomorrow. My wife, an ardent ‘Harry Potter fanatic, actually voted for McClane. Her reasoning, which seemed sound to me, was that Voldemort’s pride always gets in the way. He never bothers with things he feels are unimportant or inferior to himself. Since McClane is a muggle, Voldemort would largely dismiss him as a threat, and then McClane would strike.

    • Shannon Nutt

      There have been far worse in this contest. Plus, I’m assuming this is “movie” Voldemort as opposed to “book” Voldemort. The movie version has always seemed a bit lackluster to me.