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Poll: Avengers vs. Deadpool vs. Solo

Looking at the current box office results, three big franchise blockbusters have dominated the past month or so and look to hold on well into this coming weekend. Assuming you saw them, which did you like better, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, ‘Deadpool 2’ or ‘Solo’?

From both word of mouth and box office totals, ‘Infinity War’ looks to be the fan favorite from this trio, with ‘Deadpool 2’ pulling solid results and ‘Solo’ trailing well behind in last place. I, as usual, am waiting for Blu-ray to check them all out. I’m about five movies behind in keeping up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and am having trouble building up much enthusiasm for ‘Infinity War’. I’d probably be likely to prioritize ‘Deadpool’.

Which of these movies most satisfied your fan expectations? Would you pay to see any of them in the theater again? Have you already?

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  1. I think Avengers will rightfully dominate this poll, but my opinion is against the grain on the sorting order. For me, Solo was far more entertaining than Deadpool 2. Sure, Solo wasn’t perfect, but it was world’s better than Deadpool. After two highly successful and utterly bad Deadpool movies, I believe that people only see them and love them because they want potty-mouth R-rated superhero movies – and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not my thing. The great parts in each (like the brilliant initial X-Force mission in DP2) aren’t good enough to outweigh the bad. The stories have sucked (DP1 was basically X2 and DP2 was basically Looper) and the vast majority of Ryan Reynolds’ quips in DP2 fell completely flat.

    • No love for ‘Fourth wall inside of a fourth wall? What is that, like, sixteen walls?’ or ‘Stewart of McAvoy? I find these timelines so confusing’?

      Solid comedy gold in my book! 🙂

  2. Bolo

    ‘Deadpool 2’ is the only one of the three that I might actually see. The first one wasn’t any towering masterpiece, but it was amusing enough to get me back for a second go round with the character.

    I haven’t bothered seeing any of the Disney ‘Star Wars’ flicks and see no reason to change that.

  3. William Henley

    My goal is to finally see Solo on Thursday – different circumstances have prevented me from seeing it before now. The other two I will just wait for the home video releases – I am burnt out on superhero movies, but between the two, I would probably prefer to see Deadpool 2 first

  4. I liked all 3. If I had to rank it’d be DP2 > Infinity War > Solo. DP and Infinity are really close. Very different movies tonally and storytelling wise. Solo was a step down but really fun as well.

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