Finally, An Essential Artistic Use for 3-D

I’m referring, of course, to pornography. Or, at least, whatever passes for pornography in the pages of ‘Playboy’. The venerable men’s entertainment journal has finally gone 3-D with its June 2010 issue. Sadly, only one feature actually makes use of the format, a pictorial of Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk. Worse, it’s the crappy anaglyph version of 3-D, with cardboard red & blue glasses. You know, the kind that makes colors muddy and leaves the image soft and indistinct. In a lot of ways, that seems to defeat the purpose, if you ask me.

Weirdly, in order to defray the extra expense of including 3-D glasses with each issue, the glasses are printed with an advertisement for the HBO series ‘True Blood‘. Huh.

As our own Mike Attebery was so kind as to point out, the Seattle Pi blog has a review of the issue. If, by “review,” you mean a lot of descriptions of the articles in the issue (bah!) and only a few non-descriptive sentences about the main attraction. (The reviewer wasn’t impressed.)

OK, so maybe this isn’t the best application. Still, better quality 3-D porn seems like an inevitability. One small step for mankind, and all that…

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