Get Ready for the 2012 Oscars Live-Blog!

Yes, we’re doing it again. Join us this Sunday, February 26th for The Bonus View‘s second annual Oscars Live-Blog! With last-minute replacement Billy Crystal hosting for the 74th time, not to mention a huge assortment of behind-the-scenes fiascoes with the production, the ceremony itself promises to be yet another overlong, self-important and generally boring slog, if not an outright clusterfrack. We will do our best here to liven up the proceedings by making fun of them and giving away lots of free Blu-ray goodies! Don’t miss out!


  1. The Academy missed out on huge opportunity. They could’ve got The Muppets to host the show. Instead we got Billy Crystal’s corpse. When will all these old-fogey Academy members finally kick the bucket?

      • Right? It could’ve happened too. Disney/The Muppets had a campaign going for getting the Muppets on the Oscars. Imagine the Academy really trying to connect with a younger audience and having The Muppets host with someone like Neil Patrick Harris. How could that not ultimately beat any other possible idea?

    • EM

      Muppets on screen or no, it’s a safe bet that the spirit of Statler and Waldorf will run rampant on the Bonus View’s live blog.

  2. I used to be a huge Oscar fan. It was the Super Bowl to me. Huge party, prizes. Good time. Something happened this year. I was working on the predictions for my Oscar website and I decided to include the Harvey Weinstein factor into the Best Picture pick. I stopped cold and realized that I’m not talking the artistic merits of films. I am parsing a film’s marketing strategy and how it lines up the the Academy Awards calendar. It made me really sad, I gotta say. We shouldn’t have to make a “will win” and a “should win” list, but we do, because the Academy gets it wrong so often. Anyway, I’m just not that excited about them anymore. I’ll watch, but keeping out the Muppets and The Dictator is not helping. I hope you all enjoy it. It really should be a fun night.

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