Mid-Week Oscars Poll: Best Picture 2012

This year’s Oscar ceremony is rapidly approaching. It’s time for our final, most important poll on the subject. Which movie do you think will win the Best Picture prize? Which movie do you think should win?

As with the last couple of these, we’re dividing this into two polls. In the first, make your prediction for the movie you believe will win Oscar gold this weekend.

Which Movie WILL Win Best Picture 2012?

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Next, tell us your opinion about which film you think should win.

Which Movie SHOULD Win Best Picture 2012?

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I’ve made no secret of my love for ‘The Artist’, and it seems set to sweep the awards. On the other hand, something of a backlash against the movie has been brewing among L.A. film critics. Will that be enough to let another movie sneak in and upset? I guess we’ll find out on Sunday.


  1. Barsoom Bob

    I voted The Artist to win, and I won’t be unhappy if it does. It was an infectuous, consumate piece of work all around, but a little light in the loafers story wise.

    If a backlash occurs, The Descendents or Hugo will probably win it. Both very good movies.
    Descendents a little too maudlin and Hugo brought down by the young actor playing the lead.

    Here is where I’m going to get flamed, but for “should have won”, I picked Tree of Life. This was a powerful movie for those that were receptive to it and covered a lot of ground in trying to reconnect us with our worlds, both cosmic and intimate. It was beautifully shot and edited in an impressionistic, almost subliminal way. Great sound work too. For those not familar with classical music, that was some of the most revered and inspirational pieces of music ever written.

    I relate to those aspects of film making. Last year I would have much rather seen Inception win than King’s Speech.

    Sean Penn should have kept his damn mouth shut, this movie is not that hard to understand. LIFE. It was here way before any of us got here and it will go on way after us and it is LIBERATING to know that. No, we are not all going to go to the beach in Galvaston when we die, but we are going to go where everyone before us has gone and everyone after us will go. That realization and the little smile of understanding on Sean Penn’s face as he comes to this realization is what this movie was all about.

  2. JM

    ‘The Artist’ introduced me to ‘OSS 117: Rio Ne Répond Plus,’ for which I am very grateful.

    Since the oscars got it wrong 8 of the last 10 years, odds are ‘The Artist’ will lose. If it does, I wouldn’t mind seeing Woody take home Best Picture.

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