Academy Awards 2011 Live-Blog (With Contests!)

This is it, folks! The 2011 Academy Awards air this Sunday, February 27th, at 8 PM EST. We’ll be live-blogging it right here in this space, starting with ABC’s official Red Carpet Special at 7PM. Best of all, we really want to make this fun, so we’re going to have Blu-ray give-away contests all through the show! We’ve got a bunch of free discs to give away. Contest rules and conditions follow after the break.

To win a free Blu-ray, first and foremost you have to actually read along with our live-blog. At various points throughout the show (totally at my discretion), I’ll ask Oscar- or movie-related related trivia questions. The first person to answer correctly wins a Blu-ray. It’s that simple.

Even if you’ve won any of our previous contests, you’re welcome to participate in this one. However, during the live-blog there will be a limit of one free disc per household. It wouldn’t be fair to let just one person with really strong Googling skills win everything, now would it?

This contest is only open to entrants from the domestic United States. We will not ship internationally (whether you’re a U.S. citizen or not). Employees of High-Def Digest or Internet Brands and their families are not eligible. Standard contest rules and conditions apply.

OK, those are all the rules. Now let’s have some fun!


  1. Jon

    You Kids Are All Right , But i’m The Fighter and have been studying for at least 127 Hours without the help of The Social Network up here in New England i can feel the chill of the Winter’s Bone but i suck it up with True Grit and after i win a Blu ray i will give The King’s Speech as long as im not dreaming like the Inception it would be my Black Swan song , oh and i cried during Toy Story 3

  2. Also, any post from Nate Boss needs to now link to my twitter page, NateBossBlu (that’s NATEBOSSBLU). It can have the picture I use, but if it doesn’t link to my twitter, it’s just some fucking asshole. see above.

  3. Josh Zyber

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the live-blog! We had a great turnout. Much fun was had by all, and a lot of people won free Blu-rays.

    If you’ve won a contest, the details for how to claim your prize are listed at the end of the live-blog event. Hit replay and scroll to the end. Failing that, post a quick note here saying that you need the details and I’ll get in touch through the email address you logged in with.

    • I’d like to thank all our readers for their patience, and participation. I’d like to thank everyone who was a good sport about the contests, win or lose, and congratulate each of the winners. Of course, the guys approving comments get the biggest thanks, as that had to suck.

      This one went pretty damn good (not much from Mrs Z this time, Josh!). I’ll see about getting someone else in here next time w/ me to make it a little more fun.

      The idea for bad movie night is awesome if we can get everyone on board. Basically a community screening, only of shitty flicks. that’s sweet. i’d gladly pop in for a little bit. I think if we announce these open chats, they’ll turn out quite nicely, and we have a great reader base, so it’d always be fun.

      • I’ll third that – thanks to everyone for showing up, it was a blast. Sorry for any of the technical issues, but it’s only our second live chat thing and we’re still working out the details :p

        Oh, and I’m amazed with our reader base. We had a great combination of comments, both insightful and incredibly funny. Well behaved to boot. You guys are awesome 🙂

        I love the Bad Movie Night idea – can’t wait to get this going. We’ll get the logistics figured out and then I’ll come up with some movies 😀

        • i think the reminder email is the best new feature here. let us know not to forget to show up and have a good time.

          and aaron, i still want to give you a swift boot for forcing that video on me. i’ll make up for it by trashing Modern Family some more some other time, and by countering some Scott Pilgrim love, in your honor. you’re welcome.

      • Shayne

        Apparently I missed something in regard to bad movie night. Like a live MSTTK thing? Using what, netflix streaming?

        • Something along those lines. Details are being worked out, but the plan is to do a sort of live-chat bad movie watching event. Probably vote the week before for the movie to watch so everyone can prep. Sticking with Redbox and Netflix so no one actually has to buy anything :p

    • and damn, staring at the screen and the tv back and forth for those 3 or so hours gave me one hell of a headache. all day today i’ve been on one tv set or another, yikes.

      • Josh Zyber

        I’ll be honest, I spent more time staring at my computer trying to run the liveblog event than actually watching the show. I feel like I missed a lot of it!

        Started at 7:00. Ended at 12:30. That’s 5 1/2 hours! I’m officially Oscar’ed out!

        • Aaron Peck

          I’m glad I don’t live on the East coast. Started here for me at 5:00pm and went to 10:30pm. Much easier to stomach than staying up until midnight.

      • Shayne

        My tv screen IS my computer screen! I had the chat and the awards side by side, sort of overlapping, in different windows.

  4. Aaron Peck

    Yeah. I had tons of fun, and our readers are great. Again, sorry to anyone who wrote in comments every once and a while we were trying to approved as many comments as humanly possible, but it literally was a madhouse on the other side.

    Still, I’m very impressed with you readers out there. Tons of your comments made me laugh out loud. It was fun spending time with all of you. I’m looking forward to the ideas we have for Live Blogs in the future.

  5. Josh Zyber

    FYI, I’ve just gotten a notice from our guy who handles prize fulfillment that he’ll be shipping the Blu-rays out to our contest winners in batches over the next few days.