‘Orphan Black’ 2.06 Recap: “I’m Very Good with Children”

At the conclusion of the last episode of ‘Orphan Black’, Helena told Sarah that they needed to go to the “Place of Screams” to find out what happened to Ethan Duncan (aka the Swan Man). This week finds the two clone sisters on a road trip where Sarah obtains more info about Project LEDA, while Helena finds love at a roadside bar with a trucker who can actually keep up with her.

The episode opens with Sarah and Helena camping out together while on their way to Cold River (aka the Place of Screams). While the two spend more time bonding, unbeknownst to them a mysterious figure is breaking into Sarah’s jeep and stealing the photo of Ethan Duncan. The camera pans up to reveal that it’s Paul.

Felix gets a surprise guest in the form of Art, whose first task is to sober him up. Felix has been drinking because Paul threatened to frame him for the murder of a police officer (actually shot by Daniel a few episodes back). While Felix gets his bearings back, Art uses Felix’s apartment to start piecing together the evidence that he and Sarah found in Maggie Chen’s locker.

There’s not a whole lot new going on with Cosima this week, other than the fact that her former lab assistant, Scott, has been given the okay to help her and Delphine. The girls are hesitant at first, but when Scott admits that he knows about the clones (although it soon becomes obvious that he’s not aware that Cosima is one), they welcome his assistance. Later in the episode, Scott will report to Delphine that one of the stem cell samples he’s been working with has an anomaly. (They’re not all clone cells, which indicates that the sample might be from Sarah’s daughter, Kira – or perhaps another daughter we don’t know about?) Delphine insists that Scott not report his findings to Cosima.

After being totally absent in the last entry, viewers finally catch up with Alison, who’s still in rehab. This week, she’s attends one of those group meetings where everyone confesses their issues, when Vic (Michael Mando) makes a surprise entry. For those who don’t remember, Vic is Sarah’s former drug-running buddy whose pinky finger got cut off when he didn’t deliver money on time to his bosses back in Season 1. We soon learn that Vic isn’t in the same rehab place as Alison by accident. He’s working for Detective DeAngelis, who’s trying to get more info on Alison.

It turns out that Cold River isn’t a river at all, but rather a small town where the info Sarah seeks is located in a church (the same one in the photo that Paul took from Sarah’s jeep). After some negotiating with a woman inside the church, Sarah is given access to files down in the basement. Among other things, she gets an address for where Duncan might reside now.

While Sarah investigates the church, Helena makes her way into a bar across the street. She encounters a rather burly looking trucker dude and winds up breaking his finger when he gets a little too aggressive with her. Before an all-out brawl can erupt, another trucker (played by Patrick J. Adams) comes in and calms things down. He and Helena engage in some flirting the only way a gal like Helena knows – basically challenging the trucker to a number of arm wrestling contests (which she wins), eating pork rinds, and throwing back shots of booze with him. During this date, Helena doesn’t notice that both Mark from the Prolethian compound and Paul have made their way into the bar. When they see each other, Paul suggests that Mark take his girl (Helena) and leave Paul’s girl (Sarah) to him.

A fight breaks out in the bar after the burly trucker dude tries to break in on Helena and nice trucker guy when they’re dancing. Helena gets arrested. (Sarah sees her being put into the back of a squad car when she exits the church.) While Sarah contacts Art about getting Helena released from jail, Gracie (the daughter from the Prolethian compound who had her mouth sewn shut last week) arrives and tells Helena about Henrik removing embryos from her body. Mark also arrives at the station, and Helena insists the two take her “to her babies.”

Sarah makes her way to the known address of Ethan Duncan, and is surprised to find Mrs. S answer the door. She’s there with Ethan Duncan, who tells Sarah that not only did Dr. Leekie take his daughter Rachel away from him, but that he also killed Duncan’s wife Susan. Sarah relates to Ethan that all the clones are sick and dying, and Rachel might be dying too.

The best part of this week’s episode is the stuff with Helena, who’s less terrifying in Season 2 and provides more comic relief than she ever has before. She has really replaced Alison in that department, who has the only storyline this season that really seems separate and removed from everyone else’s. I also have to confess that I never thought we’d see Vic again. After getting one of his fingers cut off last year (not to mention having Paul use a nail gun on him), I’m sure more physical pain is coming for him before season’s end. He just seems like a character destined to suffer.

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