The Netflix Stream: Week of October 16th, 2011

We’re losing a few titles of value from the Netflix stream this week and gaining a few. You’ll be happy to note that we’re getting some stuff that’s great for Halloween. Well, you’ll be happy to note that – and I expect that you have a notebook handy – as long as you don’t hate Halloween. In which case you’re a jerk. There, I said it.

Leaving the Stream
  1. ‘Ghostbusters: The Animated Series’ (10/30): Aww, what the hell? You can’t get rid of classic, weird, ghost-themed cartoons before right Halloween! No, this isn’t the ‘Ghostbusters’ we all know and love (or the ‘Real Ghostbusters’ cartoon based on it). This Filmation show was based on a live-action kids’ series from the ’70s. ‘Ghostbusters: The Animated Series‘ is a trip down memory lane for some, and a trip through an awful but endearing cartoon for all.
  2. ‘Blue Velvet’ (10/30): Hey, I have no idea. I see David Lynch in the credits, and all I know is that if I don’t talk about it, someone else will. ‘Blue Velvet‘, no apparent relation to the song ‘Black Velvet’, is a dark mystery that takes a mirror to everyday life and shows us just how ugly it can be. Or so I’m told. I’ll get to it eventually, but I have to rewatch ‘Arrested Development’ for the millionth time.
Entering the Stream
  1. ‘Paranormal Activity 2’: Take this with a heaping tablespoon of salt, but ‘Paranormal Activity 2‘ scared me so badly that I had to leave the theater for a bit. Then again, pretty much every horror movie that relies on tension for its terror does a number on me. It’s worth checking out for your Halloween viewing. I’ll probably watch it too, and then sleep with the lights on.
  2. ‘Discworld: The Wyrd Sisters’: If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when my favorite book series is made into a movie or a cartoon that doesn’t represent what the series means to me. ‘Wyrd Sisters‘ is one in a long line of Pratchett properties that doesn’t live up to the books. Also, Death has these weird facial movements (like, the dude is made of bones; they don’t flex). But it’s not horribly offensive like ‘Going Postal‘, and that counts for something.
  3. ‘Being Human’ (U.K.): I’m told by my roommate Joel that there’s a SyFy channel version of ‘Being Human‘ that’s absolutely dreadful when compared to the U.K. version of the show, which is actually quite good. It involves a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire living in a house together. It sounds silly, but he digs it and tells me that you would too. So watch it. If you hate it, let me know and I’ll smack him about a bit.


  1. JoeRo

    Of note to me was the brief appearance of the EpixHD documentary “The Captains”. It popped up first thing this morning in my reader feed, along with 14 other titles, before it began displaying again as “Not available”.

    This is a problem I’ve noticed with Netflix a lot lately – the same thing happened when Caprica first appeared. Since I was able to add it to my instant queue this morning I can actually watch it on all of my devices as well as on the site, but anyone else trying to view it is, as of right now, getting jammed.

    In any event it’s a fun little documentary for Star Trek fans, and hopefully Netflix will get it sorted out soon.

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