The Trailer Park: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

This week’s set of movie trailers offers a selection of movies with a common theme. All of them find main protagonists caught in situations more dangerous than initially expected.

‘The Hateful Eight’

Finally, after long talks and countless rumors over the past couple years, Quentin Tarantino will bring his latest rowdy production to the big screen. Except for Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh, the huge cast is quickly glossed over to set up the plot: A group of rather nefarious gunslingers are trapped in a Wyoming cabin during a blizzard. It’s easy to tell that they’re each hungry for some easy loot, and Leigh’s Daisy Domergue, a notorious wanted criminal, is the prize many have been waiting for.

As usual, Jackson’s character appears to be the ruthless sort who’ll play it cool in the background and wait for his opportunity, while Russell’s is just straight-up badass. From the looks of this, I’ll search for the nearest theater equipped to show the film in 70mm format.


A couple minutes after watching this trailer, I was left speechless. It immediately opens with suspenseful action and doesn’t let up until the end. Thanks to excellent editing and music, this movie looks fantastic, especially seeing Emily Blunt play opposite Benicio Del Toro.

The plot really intrigues me. It follows a young FBI agent in a special task force to hunt a drug lord as she discovers a viciously violent world that’ll test her will to survive. What also has me really excited is cinematographer Roger Deakins reuniting with director Denis Villeneuve, the French-Canadian filmmaker behind the excellent ‘Maelstr√∂m’ and ‘Incendies‘. This is one film I’ll definitely watch in theaters.

‘The Finest Hours’

I’m having mixed feelings about this film. Sadly, the preview doesn’t do anything to sway one way or the other. Don’t get me wrong, it looks like it might be a great deal of fun to watch in IMAX 3D. It seems to have lots of action and suspense, but the story, from what we can gather in this two-and-half minute glimpse, fails to capture my attention.

Granted, this could be the fault of the trailer and not the movie, but the plot comes off a bit too familiar and predictable. I understand that the movie is based on a true story, but that doesn’t change the fact that this might play out just like every other rescue mission/adventure movie we’ve seen before. Hopefully, another trailer in the near future might change my mind. As it currently stands, I’ll likely wait for the Blu-ray.


Just for fun, here’s the tense and captivating trailer for a bio-drama based on the 1961 Milgram Experiment. The film will have a limited run, which means I probably won’t have the chance to watch it in cinemas, but I’ll definitely pick it up on Blu-ray when it gets released.

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  1. Chris B

    So goddamn pumped for The Hateful Eight! I’ve watched the trailer probably 10+ times and can’t get enough. The little snippet of Morricone music at the end made me misty-eyed. Hopefully there’s a 70mm showing up here in the great white north I can make it to…

  2. Chris B

    It seems as though Villenuve and Deakins have formed somewhat of a creative partnership. They worked together on Prisoners, Sicario, and are collaborating again on the upcoming Blade Runner sequel.

  3. Can’t wait for H8teful Eight either, cause they filmed it here in Colorado 10 miles west of Telluride. It’s the biggest production to film here since the original True Grit filmed in Ouray CO in 1969. Though Things to do in Denver when your Dead filmed some scenes in Denver but was mostly filmed in California. There is also excitement for it since It’s well know that Tarantino shelved it for a while when the script was leaked, but he changed his mind luckily cause it looks fantastic.

  4. Bolo

    I’m looking forward to ‘Sicario’. I think I’m one of the few people who liked the ‘Miami Vice’ movie. So the for me, the trailer giving me that same tense vibe is a good thing. The Bluntster is a solid lead, and very credible in physical roles.

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