The Trailer Park: Trying to Rectify Past Mistakes

Because previous trailers for this summer’s lineup of movies looked like major letdowns, the studios have just released new previews hoping to show improvement. Sadly, this second time around seems to confirm that we might be in for some big disappointments.


The new and improved trailer is finally here, and once again, fans are unimpressed. Granted, it’s a step up from the last one, but if this is any indication of the things to come in July, there’s really nothing remotely funny or exciting about this movie. Sadly, all fingers seem to be pointing at Leslie Jones. These previews make her out to be not only annoying but also possibly the center of much of the film’s comedy. Still, I’m confident that Paul Feig might actually pull this off, in spite of these awful sneak peeks.

‘Star Trek Beyond’

Here’s another small improvement, this time from a terrible teaser that looked and felt nothing like a ‘Star Trek’ movie. Even so, this one still places a great deal of emphasis on the action, making this third installment in the new, alternate-timeline franchise look like just another bombastic action extravaganza.

Because it comes from the imagination of sci-fi geek and Trekkie Simon Pegg, I remain hopeful for this entry, but I’m still left with the impression that Justin Lin is the wrong person to pilot this mission into uncharted territory. And I mean that quite literally, since the villain Krall, played by Idris Elba, is a brand new character. I’m walking into this movie with low expectations so that maybe I might walk out somewhat surprised.


How in the world have the producers made a new preview that’s worse than the first one? Although I wasn’t completely sold on the movie, at least the initial trailer made me chuckle. But now, this one looks incredibly painful to watch and makes me want to avoid the movie at all costs.

I didn’t laugh once or find a single thing remotely amusing. Instead, almost everything about it looks just plain stupid, from the poop emoticon review and the Anne Frank idiocy to the gag about Seal being attacked by wolves. At best, I’ll give the movie a rent only because the idea of Andy Samberg satirizing Justin Bieber raises my curiosity just a smidge.

‘Sausage Party’

After a trio of bad trailers, we need some respite with the newest look at the latest Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg collaboration. I still find this summer flick potentially hilarious.

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  1. Csm101

    If you want to see a great trailer for Sausage Party, check out the one with Seth Rogen doing a Walt Disney type impersonation. That one Is HILARIOUS! I still don’t feel the need to see it in theaters though. Maybe if one of my work buds invites me to check it out with them.
    I’ve been on board with the Ghostbusters remake since the first trailer, so I don’t need any more convincing. I don’t understand all the hate that is surrounding the release of this movie. The talk backs are brutal. Just don’t see it if it looks like crap to you, but there’s no need for such hateful backlash.

  2. Elizabeth

    Seth Rogen: Isn’t that Hollywood speak for “complete crap?” Nothing in that trailer tells me any different.

  3. Nick

    Star Trek Beyond is the only one I will pay money to watch.

    Seth Rogen? Sausage Party? Uhhh let me think….NO

    Ghostbusters? Not a chance in hell.

  4. Thulsadoom

    I must be one of the rare people who thought this Ghostbusters trailer was worse than the last one… I actually thought the previous one had one-or-two chuckle moments (not much, I’ll grant), but I was more willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. This one just makes it look like recycled rubbish. The other thing I don’t get, is whether this is a sequel or a remake? Everything we’ve been told so far implies reboot/sequel (i.e. new group, but the old guys are still around) everything we’ve seen in the trailers, however, including a lot of the lines, imply they’re supposed to be the first people to ever do this. So which is it?!

    Also, while I have no issue with an all female cast, it’s Paul Feig behind it, the guy who made that hideous Bridesmaids movie… I just can’t see any way he could create something funny.

    Star Trek Beyond has potential, but the trailers don’t look promising. I’ve always found Pegg a mixed bag, even in his ‘Spaced’ days when everyone thought he was so funny. So whilst I’m glad a ‘geek’ has been involved in the writing, it’s still a ‘wait and see’. It at least has potential because Abrams isn’t involved.

    I hate Seth Rogan, and don’t find him the least bit funny (or believable as an actor). So I won’t be bothered with his juvenile, smutty, 12yr-old-titled movie.

    So basically…
    Star Trek Beyond – Could go either way.
    Ghostbusters – Probably bad, but it could prove us wrong.
    Seth Rogan Movie – Avoid like the plague. 😉

    • Isn’t ‘hate’ a very strong word for a guy that causes some dislike or disgust? 🙂 I mean, he’s just an actor making (good/bad/excellent/crappy/mediocre/takeyourpick) movies, not a mass-murderer or a dictator.

      • EM

        Preying on the masses’ minds instead of bodies is not a redeeming value. Whether or not Thulsa’s overstated his feelings, he is entitled to them.

    • Ghostbusters is a straight-up remake. Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray will make wink-wink cameos, but they are not playing the same characters. I’m not sure where people are getting the idea that this is a sequel. For all of its faults, I think the marketing has been very clear on this point.

      I’ve liked all of Paul Feig’s previous movies, especially Spy, but I have to agree that the second trailer is worse than the first, and I wasn’t impressed by the first. It looks like a scene-for-scene retread of the original movie. The problem with remaking a popular comedy is that everybody already knows all the jokes, so you can’t expect the punchlines to still be funny just by retelling them. It’s like a young kid who says something funny that makes his parents laugh, so he keeps repeating the same thing over and over again expecting to get the same laugh every time. The best comedy remakes are those that only keep the basic premise and then run with it in another direction.

        • That’s easier said than done given the fact that the premise is the same exact thing. And the fact that there’s been two Ghostbusters movies already. It’s hard to mine the material for all-new jokes when the audience is so familiar with it.

          • I’d say it’s easier? The audience is familiar with the premise, so less explaining or exposition is needed, so that gives the makers the opportunity to take the franchise to strange and unknown (and funny) territories?

      • Elizabeth

        The first trailer actually implied that it was a sequel with the text about 30 years ago and a new team answering the call. I could easily see how people are confused.

        I actually think that would have worked better, maybe with these girls taking a college class taught by Egon or Peter as part of their backstory. Or maybe just being inspired after reading Peter’s autobiography or something like that. It would also explain the reoccurrence of the Stay Pufft Marshmallow Man since that would have been in the book.

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