The Trailer Park: Time to Pick a Side!

This week’s batch of trailers showcases some movies that will split audiences everywhere, starting with the big battle between Iron Man and Cap!

‘Captain America: Civil War’

The Cap is back with another action-packed preview that should leave fanboys salivating at the mouth. I’ve always had more of a mild interest in the superhero, but after ‘Winter Soldier’, my love for the Star-Spangled Avenger has grown. This latest trailer pretty much guarantees that I’ll watch the franchise’s third installment in the cinema.

What caught my attention were clips from the previous three ‘Avengers’ flicks, which presumably tie all the films together. They also hint at specific plot details that explain the friction between the Captain and Iron Man, which leads to their friendship’s collapse and eventual clash. Perhaps most important is the unexpected cameo by Spider-Man in the last couple seconds, along with a few more scenes of Black Panther and Ant-Man which clearly show where they stand in the conflict. From the looks of it, the film will be just as action-packed as it will be full of drama. I declare this trailer awesome!

‘Sausage Party’

Featuring a large and fairly funny ensemble cast, this animated comedy flick at first looks like yet another happy-go-lucky children’s tale. The opening moments will make a parent’s eyes roll with the prospect of having to spend money at the theater to watch the fantasy lives of food.

But then, the instant the potato screams in expletive agony as its thin layer of skin is torn off its starchy round body, we know that this is something entirely different. I can only imagine parents quickly rushing to avert their children’s eyes as the other foodstuffs tremble in fear the moment they realize their purpose in life is to feed hungry giants. I thoroughly enjoyed this preview and can only hope the movie turns out half as good.

‘Kubo and the Two Strings’

I’ve loved the animated films by the Portland-based studio Laika ever since the amazing work for Tim Burton on ‘Corpse Bride’ and, later, the studio’s own full-length feature ‘Coraline’. Laika isn’t afraid to tackle complex adult themes in movies that are (for the most part) geared towards younger viewers while packaging the whole thing in a creepy, sinister atmosphere.

Laika’s latest project again promises to surprise and impress with stunning stop-motion animation, incredible attention to detail and a story that will even leave adults contemplating larger, abstract ideas. This trailer doesn’t divulge a whole lot in terms of plot, but the little we’re given, mixed with some awesome action sequences and a bit of humor on the side, is enough to tempt me into buying a ticket. I think I’d love to watch this on the silver screen.

‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’

Here’s a movie that’s pretty much guaranteed to be one of the dumbest things to hit cinemas this year, but honestly, this trailer surprised me by making me laugh.

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  1. Bolo

    Of those trailers, ‘Popstar’ looks the most likely to get a view out of me. Sarah Silverman’s delivery felt a little too self-aware for this type of ‘Spinal Tap’ comedy, but I thought most of the jokes in that trailer landed and some were really funny. I really laughed when he’s mugging in a stadium full of his fans with the word “humble” in giant neon lights. And his album being called ‘Thriller, Also’ cracked me up.

    ‘Sausage Party’ looks like something that would’ve been funny as a two minute ‘Robot Chicken’ sketch dragged out to feature length. And it looks like the only thing Rogen has to pad it out with is shouting and cussing, as usual.

  2. Trond Michelsen

    I can’t help myself. I’m so excited about Civil War. I’ve like the other trailers, but I really love this one. I absolutely have to watch this on opening night. Only 28 days to go …

    The other trailers look good too. I’m surprised how much I liked the Popstar trailer. But I’ll probably wait for the Blu-ray release for these.

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