Minor Marvel Characters May Be Getting Short Films as Introductions

If you’ve seen a Pixar movie in the theater, then you’re familiar with the idea of a short film preceding a feature. In five or ten minutes, the audience gets a quick fix of entertainment. It’s a good way to get people ready for a movie. If rumors are to be believed, Marvel’s going to be using short films to inform as well as to entertain.

The ‘Avengers’ movie is only two years away, and there are still a lot of characters that need to be introduced. While it’d be interesting to see an entire film dedicated to Black Panther, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange and Hawkeye, there’s very little chance that any of those characters will ever merit a full feature. But if they’re important to the story, they’ve got to be introduced, and there’s got to be at least a little bit of an explanation about who they are.

Marvel seems to have learned by this point that the most boring part of almost every superhero movie is the origin story. We all know how Spider-Man got his powers. We’re familiar with The Hulk’s gamma radiation incident. Anyone who really cares about how Nick Fury got where he is today can read some comics, or one of countless sources of knowledge on the internet. It’s not the sort of thing we need to waste time on during a film, especially when it comes to less significant characters.

The short film idea seems like the ideal solution. Take a few minutes before ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’ to explain a few things, rather than doing it during ‘The Avengers,’ which will be packed to the brim as it is.

The rumor comes from a site I’ve never visited before called Latino Review. The writer, George Roush, says that he “got a scoop from a well trusted source,” but warns readers to “file this scoop under ‘rumor’ for now until we can try and get more information on it.”

True or not, it’s a great idea.


  1. Frankly, I’m surprised that Thor will be getting his own movie. He seems awfully goofy. I can’t imagine people flocking to see it.

    He’d definitely be better suited to a short film introduction, and a minor background part in The Avengers as a joke character.

    Tony Stark: “What’s up with the douche in the viking helmet?”
    Bruce Banner: “It’s costume night at the gay bar across the street.”

    • JoeRo

      Tony Stark: “What’s up with the douche in the viking helmet?”
      Bruce Banner: “It’s costume night at the gay bar across the street.”

      –Slow clap —

      Ditto. When I saw that bogus looking plastic hammer I was all, wtf? Really? And of course the news was pouring out even before Ironman 2 hit theaters, but honestly Thor is one of the lamest, most boring characters in the Marvel universe. Subsequent photos, phot-shopped of course, of the actors cast as titular character have done nothing to dispel my “meh” towards that upcoming film.

      Marvel has been on a hot streak lately in terms of churning out movies that don’t overtly suck, but Thor is a big step in the wrong direction.

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