‘Man of Steel’ Contest Results

Great Scott! It’s time to give away that copy of ‘Man of Steel’ we promised you last week. But look at all those contest entries we received! And they’re all so hilarious! How will we ever sort through them and pick just one winner? This looks like a job for Superman.

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

Oh, did you ever come through for us on that!

Honorable Mentions
  1. Csm101: “Hey ladies, the symbol on my chest doesn’t really stand for hope, or even Superman… It stands for SEXY!” (Actually it stands for Sears.)
  2. Alex: Kryptonian Spring Break!!! Woo!!!!!!
  3. Steven L: “I’m getting a super boner.”
  4. David S: “So this is what you women do when you go to the bathroom together?”
  5. Art A: Trust me… he ain’t the Man of Steel where it counts!
  6. Mike A: “Here we are. This should stop her from licking her stitches.”
  7. Jason N: This is a little move I like to call Menage A Lois.
  8. Shayne B: Earth Girls Are Easy
  9. Kyle: I know, I’m not one to talk standing here in spandex with a red cape, but you just look ridiculous.
  10. Tyler: Man of WOOD is more like it.
  11. Michael L: This never happened to the other guy…
  12. Doug A: Beats by Zod is what’s in this holiday season.
  13. Matt B: Okay, I can work with this… a hairnet, some dark highlights, she’ll be good.
  14. Carl C: OK, he’s looking at us again so I have to be quick. Listen carefully, Go to Ebay.com and search for “X-ray vision scrambler hairnet”. Believe me, you’ll thank me later.
  15. Allan L: So… did Zooey Deschanel give off too much of a Margot Kidder vibe?
  16. Domenick R: “I’ve seen this movie, if we don’t get this off you, Jigsaw is going to blow your head off!”
  17. David S: “Here, put this over your ears to cope with the insanely loud 7.1 dts mix.”
  18. NJScorpio: “Wait, our whole race doesn’t dress in this gaudy blue and red? Where can I get one of those black outfits?”
  19. Jacob: Wow! I can’t believe you still play a Nintendo Virtual Boy!
  20. Eric W: “Lois, you are still in the running to become America’s… Next… Top… Model.”
  21. Pedram: Where can I get one of those sweet bluetooth headsets? Using a phone while flying can be so distracting.
  22. Peter: “Don’t hurt Lois. She hasn’t been able to get into the healthcare website.”
  23. Jeff W: Go ahead and kill her… I’ll just reverse the Earth’s rotation and go back in time and save her anyway.
  24. Rob: You’ll love this. They’re ribbed… for OUR pleasure.
  25. EM: Truth, justice, and the occasional three-way.
The Winner!

That photo obviously inspired the best (and worst) in you. If the competition weren’t so stiff (no pun intended), any one of those Honorable Mentions could have been a winner.

Nevertheless, for this entry, I picture Andi W. holding up a microphone, dropping it onto the stage and walking away.

“Two girls, one cape.”

BOOM! That’s a winner.

Congratulations to Andi for winning ‘Man of Steel‘ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest. This one was a whole lot of fun to judge.


    • Josh Zyber

      That one stood out as a front-runner as soon as it was posted. However, I have to say that a lot of the others also had me rolling. Especially the ones about the healthcare web site and the DTS mix. EM’s entry about “Truth, justice, and the occasional three-way” was also flawlessly crafted. 🙂

      • EM

        Thank you!

        One of the best things about being a recent winner—besides the totally awesome prize I won (whoo-hoo!! thanks again!!)—is that my ineligibility leaves me feeling freer to flex my creative muscles without worrying about some prize I wouldn’t want…

  1. Timcharger

    “That photo obviously inspired the best (and worst) in you. If the competition weren’t so stiff (no pun intended).”

    So it wasn’t just me who noticed that for about 80%-90% of the entries.

    Come guys, it’s 2013. When two girls stand within 2-3 feet of each other, do we automatically, necessarily, irresistibly must imagine the 2 of them kissing?

    Look okay, okay, within 1 feet, I understand. That’s hardwired into our DNA. We can’t help ourselves.

    Oh yeah, I was robbed!!! 🙂

      • Timcharger

        If you remember, this is what Josh wrote for his caption:

        For example: “Ohmigod, you’re gonna kiss, aren’t you? Come on, do it! Do it!! You know you want to do it. Please? Please!!!”

        So my 1st reaction was influenced by that caption. Without those words, I don’t think that would be my first thoughts. The weird alien technology around the head and neck would “distract” me from thinking lesbian (at least initially).

        So if 85% of all entries went in that direction, Josh certainly helped nudged us that way. With that nudge, even at “30 feet apart”, I too would picture them kissing.

        • Maybe I just have a dirty mind because even just by looking at the alien technology, in that still, reminds me of a ribbed condom. Anyways, I see what you mean about Mr. Zyber “influencing” our responses with his caption, but I feel I personally would of still gone the the “lesbo three way route” regardless. Thank you for your input.

    • Josh Zyber

      In my defense, I know of at least one other blog that ran a similar caption contest around the same time we did, and claimed that a rep from the studio picked that photo for them to use.

  2. Whoa! Awesome! What do I have to do to claim my prize? I’m guessing you’ll need my address for shipping purposes, obviously. Really, I can’t believe I won with a pretty simplistic entry, especially considering there were plenty of other great ones and I thought some of my other entries were good also but I guess everyone loves a good two girls one cup joke. Also, Josh, I’m awaiting the return of the HD Advisor!

      • I got it and replied. It just took some scouring through the old junk mailbox before I found it. Can’t wait to get it, even though I already own a copy (I had to go buy it the day it was released). I’ll probably end up giving it to someone I know will enjoy it for Christmas or just saving it as a trophy haha

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