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Hey, ‘Lost’ fans. Are you still feeling despondent that your favorite show is all over with? Yeah, me too. Do you already own the first five seasons on Blu-ray, and have the final season on preorder? Have you played the board game and the videogame? Do you own action figures of your favorite characters? After all that, do you still wish there was a way to keep something special and unique from the series on display in your home, to show off just how nerdy and dedicated a ‘Lost’ fan you are? Well, you’re in luck! ABC is auctioning off a host of props used in the series. Now is your chance to own an authentic piece of the ‘Lost’ experience.

Here’s what the press release says:

Feeling a little LOST lately? Don’t worry…your favorite show is back for only two days, Saturday, August 21, and Sunday, August 22. Celebrate the LOST weekend at LOST: The Official Show Auction & Exhibit at the Barker Hangar located in the Santa Monica Airport. Auction tickets go on sale this Thursday, August 5 at 10am PST:

Plus, get a chance to view a sneak peek of exclusive Season 6 DVD/Blu-ray™ bonus material before it goes on sale on August 24.

Can’t be there in person? Participate in the auction online and via phone. Information and registration for the auction is available at

There’s some pretty good stuff up for grabs. Among the items that caught my eye are Hurley’s lottery ticket, Jin’s wedding ring, Karl’s brainwashing goggles, Locke’s knives, Kate’s toy airplane, Charlie’s Driveshaft ring, Mr. Eko’s “Jesus stick,” and various Oceanic and DHARMA branded props (including an airline boarding pass, DHARMA beer cans, and even DHARMA fish biscuits). Yummy!

If you’re a big spender, you can even go nuts for items like a DHARMA jeep, a DHARMA VW bus, or Hurley’s Camaro.

A friend of mine tells me that he really wants that famous photo of Desmond and Penny. Personally, I’d be more interested if it were the original photo as seen in episode ‘Orientation,’ which had a different actress standing in as Penny. (After Sonya Walker was later cast in the role, the producers edited re-runs of the episode and all DVD/Blu-ray copies to replace the photo with an updated version.) That’d be something really neat to own.

The one single item that I covet the most, though? That’s gotta be Faraday’s journal. I don’t even care if everything written in it is total gibberish. I’d love to have that for myself. I stand no chance of ever affording whatever obscene price it eventually sells for, of course. But a guy can idly fantasize, can’t he?

Which ‘Lost’ prop has caught your eye? Even if it’s not something that’s officially being auctioned, what single item ever seen in the series would you love to take home?


  1. Ivan Gomez

    Where do i begin… A dharma jumpsuit, i would love to own Juliet´s gun, an Oceanic seasick plastic bag (i know it´s weird but i used to took those bags on every plane i took), I would´nt take the Kate´s NKOTB lunchbox thought…

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