Leaving the Stream: August 5th, 2010

If you’re a fan of the Netflix streaming service (I sure am!), you’ve probably noticed that movies just don’t stay on there forever. In order to make the transitions a bit easier, I’ll hit you up with a weekly list of movies leaving Netflix that are actually worth watching.


Not everyone loved ‘Blindness,’ but I was a fan. It’s a pretty cool flick that’s full of great talent. Julianne Moore is her usual fantastic self and director Fernando Meirelles manages to do a lot with a story that by definition lacks stunning visuals. It’s a fairly dark movie that feels a bit like a really good zombie flick, but without all the zombies. Societal interaction is the key here.

Synecdoche, New York

This one’s been on my watch list for months and I just haven’t had the chance. Luckily – depending on your point of view – another dental visit should put me in perfect position to sit on my couch for two hours and pay attention. ‘Synecdoche, New York‘ (see Blu-ray review) is a movie starring the great Philip Seymour Hoffman and directed by Charlie Kaufman, the writer of ‘Adaptation’ and ‘Being John Malkovich.’ ‘Synecdoche’ is just as complicated to explain, but looks to be well worth the watch.

Last Exile

I rarely recommend anime, especially when it’s a series. They’re usually horribly slow to start and so full of filler (I’m looking at you ‘Drag-on Ball‘) that I think they’re just not worth getting into. ‘Last Exile‘ doesn’t suffer from that. There’s one story, 26 episodes, and that’s it. When it’s over, it’s over. It’s also absolutely gorgeous. Most Netflix streaming titles expire on Thursdays, but you’ve got until Monday for this one, so there’s plenty of time to get through it all.

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