Leaving the Stream: Week of October 31st, 2010

What do stand-up comedy performed in drag, memory loss, and space Muppets all have in common? They’re going to be leaving the stream this week, so get ’em while the gettin’s good.

Memento (11/3)

Back before Christopher Nolan made the underrated ‘The Prestige‘, the overhyped ‘The Dark Knight‘, or the tremendously overrated ‘Inception‘, he made a little movie called ‘Memento‘. ‘Following’ may have been his first, but ‘Memento’ captured the attention of both the industry and the public alike.

‘Memento’ is legit. It’s mind-bending and will completely throw you for a loop. You, like the main character, will have no idea what’s real and what isn’t. You’ll come to conclusions and then realize how wrong you were. This one’s near the top of my “Must See” list. (Blu-ray review.)

Eddie Izzard Standup Collection (11/9)

My favorite comedians have always been incredibly smart guys too. Penn and Teller spring to mind, as does Tim Minchin. They’re guys I can respect and laugh with while learning a bit in the process. Eddie Izzard is no different. His takes on history are absolutely hysterical.

Izzard’s entire library of standup shows leave Netflix next week, so I highly recommend giving him a go. If you’re only going to watch one, I’d recommend ‘Dress to Kill‘, which includes a wonderful bit about the founding of the Church of England and everyone’s favorite guy to hate – Hitler.

Farscape (11/10)

It’s tough to find good sci-fi these days, what with the glut of bad sci-fi on the major networks. On a positive note, Netflix gives us the opportunity to go back and watch some old gems. On a negative note, those old gems won’t last forever.

Farscape‘ is a show that many say was canceled before its time. It’s proper science fiction with prosthetics and puppets, and a little bit of cheese. I’ll admit to not having seen much of it, but I plan on getting in as much as I can before the 10th.


  1. Crap, Farscape is leaving? I got a week to watch the entire series! It was always on my To Do List, as the cable company in the small town I went to college in did not carry the channel it was airing on – or possibly that the university blocked it – the University – a strict Christian one, blocked MTV and a couple of other channels.

  2. I own Farscape and I was annoyed when the initially renewed it after season 3 for 2 more seasons to then cancel it after season 4. At least they made the Peacekeeper Wars to conclude the series, I just wished it was longer e.g. about 24 episodes worth 🙂
    I think one of the few funny sketches in SG1 in the last few years was in the episode 200 when they did a Farscape parody although the rest of the episode wasn’t that great

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