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Shame on Adam Sandler, and shame on everyone who makes a cameo in this daft movie. Shame on Regis Philbin, on Tim Meadows, on Nick Swardson, on Katie Holmes, on Drew Carey, on Shaquille O’Neil, on Kobe Bryant, on Norm MacDonald, on Johnny Depp, on Jared from the Subway commercials, on John McEnroe, on Christie Brinkley, on Michael Irvin, on Bruce Jenner, on David Spade, on all of Sandler’s freeloading friends and, especially, shame on Al Pacino. They actively participated in making one of the worst movies of all time and deserve to have their noses shoved in it.

What happened to the Sandler we used to love? He used to be so funny. Now he’s just sad. Film critic buddy of mine Rich Bonaduce said it best when pointed out that Sandler has become the sell-out comedian character that he played in ‘Funny People‘, making one bad family movie after another. Hopefully, Sandler’s story will quickly follow that of his character in ‘Funny People’ (not the cancer part; I’d never wish that on anyone) and something will cause a change of heart that will help him return to his potential.

In ‘Jack and Jill’, Sandler plays both of the title characters, twins Jack and Jill. Successful Jack makes commercials in L.A., has a cute wife (Katie Holmes) and two kids. Overweight Jill lives alone in New York, has no friends and converses more with her talking bird than anyone else. Jill is overpowering, and after spending twenty-something years of their lives together, Jack wants nothing to do with her. When Jill comes out to L.A. for Thanksgiving, she just won’t leave, so Jack and his wife plot to set Jill up with a man who will steal her away.

Jack tries to get a major advertising campaign underway with Dunkin’ Donuts, and won’t settle for anyone but Al Pacino doing the ads. While trying to get Al to come about for the campaign, Jack introduces him to Jill. Al immediately falls obsessively in love with her – yet she finds him revolting. So, Jack must use his annoying sister to get the job, stooping as low as dressing in drag and pretending to be Jill. Ugh.

From a guy who used to love Sandler’s movies (especially ‘Billy Madison‘ and ‘Happy Gilmore‘), I now hate the guy. Stooping to “comedy” lower than that of Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams or Tyler Perry, it simply doesn’t come any worse than ‘Jack and Jill’.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


    • I think comparing it to anything Kaufman would do is giving the film too much credit. It’s nothing more than a Sandler money grab. Something he’s been doing for about the past 10 years or so.

      • JM

        The screenwriter, Steve Koren, wrote 26 episodes of ‘Seinfeld.’

        They’ve taken a money grab, and perverted it for their own amusement.

  1. Geoff

    To be fair, I’m sure everyone involved with the film knows it’s daft, and it wasn’t made to please pretentious bloggers. What exactly did you expect from a film starring Adam Sandler in both a male and female role? It will make its money back, it will amuse the likes of me, and then it will be forgotten. The fact that it’s such a source of angst amongst pseudo-intellectual self-styled film buffs makes it all the better. Can’t wait to see it.

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