Memorial Day (Week) Contest – Win ‘Hoosiers: 25th Anniversary Edition’ on Blu-ray!

Like many of you out there, we here at High-Def Digest are taking Monday off to enjoy the Memorial Day holiday, and of course to remember the men and women who have given their lives while serving in the military – and to barbecue. For those few of you browsing the internet for things to do today, we don’t want to leave you high and dry. How about a contest? Follow after the break for your chance to win the Oscar-nominated sports drama ‘Hoosiers’ on Blu-ray. (We’ll give everyone else the chance to win through the rest of the week too.)

In the unlikely case that you’re not familiar with ‘Hoosiers‘, here’s the blurb from the studio press release:

From director David Anspaugh, one of the most legendary sports movies of all time is being released in an all new Blu-ray from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Based on the true story of the Milan High School basketball team, HOOSIERS boasts an all-star cast that includes the likes of Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey, and Academy Award® nominee Dennis Hopper. The film was recently hailed as the #1 sports movie of all time by The Los Angeles Times, as determined by nearly 1,400 of its readers who participated in a user poll.

The 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray will be released on June 5th with the following bonus features:

  • Hoosier History: The Truth Behind the Legend
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Original 1954 Indiana High School Championship Game
  • Commentary by Director David Anspaugh

Want to win a free copy? We’ll make it easy for you. All you have to do is come up with funny or clever names for fictional sports teams from movies or TV shows that are not actually about sports. For example: The Tatooine Womp Rats or the Hoth Towerin’ Tauntauns.

I know that you can do better than that. (Those are pretty lame.) The winners will be chosen at our own subjective discretion based on whichever responses we enjoy the most. We have two copies of the Blu-ray to give away.

Entries are limited to 10 per person. That should give you plenty of opportunity to craft a good submission, but will also help us to avoid any potential appearance of awarding prizes based on volume rather than quality.

This contest is only open to entrants from the domestic United States. We will not ship internationally (whether you’re a U.S. citizen or not). Employees of High-Def Digest or Internet Brands and their families are not eligible. Standard contest rules and conditions apply. People who have won any of our previous contests within the past one year are also not eligible to win, but may get Honorable Mentions.

The deadline for entry is this Friday, June 1st. The winners will be announced next week. Good luck, everyone!


  1. How about Mr. Universe’s Lovebots?

    Tyler Durden’s Maggots, aka the All-Singing, All-Dancing Crap of the World

    The Dream World Totems (Inception)

    Gusteau’s Rats (Ratatouille)

    The Axium Repair Ward Bots

  2. Obviously not eligible, just doing it for the kicks.

    The Monroeville Zombies are already taken, since there’s a hockey jersey with that name. If you know all these references (some are mega easy) then big ups

    1 Dr. Dieter’s Centipedes
    2 The Parisian Butter Men
    3 The Xavier Magic Buttons
    4 San Francisco Mega Sharks
    5 The Tokyo Tentacles!
    6 The Phoenix Harelips
    7 Devil’s Island Papi’s

  3. Trevor

    Lebowski Junior Bowling Team
    Kenny Powers Brewsters
    Evangelion All-Stars
    Jack Burtons Unreasonable Things
    Tyrions Tyrants

  4. Josh

    Vulcan Logic (Star Trek)
    Winterfell Wolves (Game of Thrones)
    Miranda Reavers (Firefly / Serenity)
    Eternian Masters (Masters of the Universe)
    The Shire’s Flyers (LotR)
    Arkham Asylum Keepers (Batman)

    May do another 4 later.

  5. Vince

    Pleasantville Grays (apologies to the Homestead
    Grays of the Negro League)
    Chinatown Kittycats
    Emerald City Twisters
    Haddonfield Hackers (Halloween)

  6. MediumJon

    The Raxacoricofallapatorius Bodysnatchers. (Another double reference!)

    The Skaro Robokillers (Can you tell I’m a Doctor Who fan yet? I’m trying to make it obvious… lol)

  7. MediumJon

    Now for some non-Who related ones.

    The Strangelove Bombers.

    The Dagobah Swamprats.

    The Kashyyyk Nerfherders.

    The San Francisco Triplestorms (very vague but hopefully someone gets it!)

  8. EM

    The Walking Dead

    (if I can’t get an honorable mention for humor or cleverness, maybe I can get one for most obvious reference)

  9. Anita

    1. The Se7en Deadly Sins
    2. The Royales (with Cheese who are the mascots).
    3. The Bada-Bings
    4. Skitters
    5. Players of Interest
    6. Big Bangers
    7. Jacks & Roses (a co-ed team)
    8. Dream Extractors
    9. The Adjustment Bureau
    10. Bickle Mohawks

  10. MediumJon

    Seriously tho could you imagine an entire football team of wookies?? I’d watch that.

    • Inform the Jacksonville Jaguars, get their team to dress up like Wookiees for one game. It’d be the only way any sane person would ever watch their terrible product.

  11. James Miles

    The Fletch Fast-Breakers
    The Venkman Victors
    Farmer Ted’s Ultimate Underpants
    The Acheron Annihilators
    The Twin Pines Tornadoes
    The Gotham City Guardians
    The Pandora Poison
    The Kashyyyk Khaos
    The Narnia Minotaurs