‘Harry Potter’ Contest Results!

You guys sure do love winning free stuff! Last week, we offered up the chance to win ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Ultimate Edition‘ and ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Ultimate Edition‘ on Blu-ray, and you turned up in force. It’s my responsibility to weed through the entries to pick out some favorites. So, let’s get right to it.

As a reminder, the challenge was to supply a funny or clever caption for the following photo:

I think I regret letting people enter as many times as they want. It’s a lot of work to go through all these submissions. Especially when so many of them were so good. Nonetheless, I had to narrow the results down to a handful of Honorable Mentions and one winner. This week, I’m forcing myself to stick to only five Honorable Mentions. Please don’t feel left out if yours isn’t highlighted.

Honorable Mentions

Scott started things off with a bang. He nailed this one with the very first comment:

(In distance) “I bet you can squeal like a pig!”

Brett wrote:

Watch out you guys, Puberty Totalus is right around the corner!

We got a lot of dirty jokes about Hagrid. For some reason, the wording of this one from Mike really gets me:

It seemed as though, no matter when the young wizards visited Hagrid, he was always masturbating.

James wrote:

For the Love of God ! Does every door in this place HAVE to lead somewhere bizarre and improbable !?

Nick wrote:


Special Honorable Mention

OK, I’m taking back what I said earlier, because I feel that William deserves a special mention. He really went to town on this contest, and entered 35 times. Among them, he had some really good entries. I especially like this one, which speaks for all the obsessive nit-picking J.K. Rowling purists out there:

Rupert: Isn’t my character a wizard? Where did he get slacks and a t-shirt at to wear under his sweater? Pretty sure I didn’t see a trouser shop in Diagon Alley!

Daniel: For that matter, didn’t Harry get his hand-me-down clothes from Dudley? Why does everything fit?

Emma: So did my character get her hair done between the second and third movies? In the books, her hair doesn’t get done until the Yule Ball in the fourth book. Also, pretty sure form-hugging Muggle clothes are not allowed at Hogwarts.

But I have to play fair here. You can’t win based on volume. Ultimately, the comment(s) I enjoyed the most were…

The Winner!

HuskerGuy takes home the prize for two very different, but equally worthy captions:

The actors look on in horror at a glimpse of their careers after the Harry Potter franchise.

Ain’t that the truth? I think Emma Watson can have a career as an actress if she wants it, but Daniel Radcliffe is definitely going to suffer the Mark Hamill curse.

Later, Husker gave us this one

And as the children stepped out of the wardrobe, after what seemed to be years, they realized only a few minutes had passed and they had no explanation why one of them turned into a rat.

I love the tie-in with ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, I love the bittersweet tone, and I love the little gag at the end.

Well done, HuskerGuy! You’ve won the ‘Harry Potter’ Ultimate Edition Blu-rays for ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’ and ‘The Goblet of Fire’.

Everyone else, stay tuned. We’ve got another major contest coming up later today.


  1. Maybe he will put an entry limit on this one. But man, it sure was fun coming up with all those captions! Actually didn’t realize how obsessed I was with the books, movies, Rowling, and the actors until this contest.

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