Will Harrison Ford Really Return as Han Solo?

Over the past week, reports have flooded the internet that Disney has made a deal with Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Han Solo one more time for the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ films, which are being helmed by J.J. Abrams. In the past, Ford declared that he would never play this character again. Now it looks like he may have changed his mind. I mean, why wouldn’t he?

As far as I’m concerned, it could be amazing to see an old Han Solo and a gray-haired Chewbacca. I think that Abrams is already doing a lot of good things with this project. We expect full official statements from all camps involved very soon, but check out the Latino Review video for the scoop.

I can only hope that J.J. Abrams will film an action scene where Solo indeed shoots first, putting to rest that old question.

This seems like exciting news to me. How do you feel about Harrison Ford possibly coming back as Han Solo? Is this a good idea, or should the character stay retired?


  1. BambooLounge

    Disney claims it took Extraordinary Measures to get Ford to agree to reprise the role.

    He initially resisted as he shouted, “I already work around the clock!”

  2. So, he can mumble his way through it? Do you really want to see a septagenarian Han Solo, struggling with marriage issues to an aging Princess Leia who sounds like a pre-lung cancer aging torch singer?

    • BambooLounge


      “I love you, Han”
      “I said I love you Han!”
      “I know, I know. Where are my pills?”

    • Solo will have long since divorced Leia. After a mid-life (really, late-life) crisis, he pierced his ear and shacked up with a scrawny woman half his age named Calista Flockhart. (Her name already sounds like a Star Wars character, doesn’t it?)

    • Harrison Ford is just awesome, I would be okay with him as an older Han (just like I was okay with him as an older Indy, its just that in Indy, the story sucked). I just don’t want to see Carrie Fisher as Leah. Just write the story so that Leah has already passed on.

  3. I’m in two minds about all this… I mean, on the one hand it’s great to get the original actors back, but then again… they’re just too old!! And do we want a Star Wars with the original characters relegated to minor bit parts to introduce their kids?

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