Mid-Week Poll: Do You Dress Up for Halloween?

Halloween’s not just for kids, you know. Adults are allowed to dress up in costume too. Do you still partake in the holiday fun? Vote in our poll, and tell us about some of your best movie-themed costumes.

I don’t put together Halloween costumes very often. There are only so many characters that look right with a beard, and also I’m not terribly creative in that regard. However, Mrs. Z knitted me a sweet ‘Big Lebowski’ sweater this year, and the rest of that ensemble is incredibly easy to throw together. Now I’ve got to find a party worth wearing this to. You know, as if I wouldn’t just lounge around the house like this every day anyway…

Do You Dress Up for Halloween?

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  1. EM

    OH, yes, I wear Halloween costumes. In fact, I often wear more than one per year, for different events. I’m old-school in that my Halloween costumes must be horror-themed. After all, the tradition holds that Halloween is the night that creatures from the netherworld walk abroad, and the purpose of the costume is to disguise yourself as one of them so that they’ll leave you alone. Similarly, Halloween decorations are horror-themed, not Big Lebowski-themed.

    One of the more specifically movie-related costumes I’ve worn was that of the Ghostface character from Scream. My co-workers had become used to my wearing Halloween costumes to work, but that particular year, Halloween fell on a weekend when we were closed, and so on the preceding Friday I went to work in my normal garb plus the concession of a small pendant. Many of my co-workers expressed disappointment; I told them it simply wasn’t Halloween yet. But during my afternoon break time, I changed into the Ghostface costume in our men’s room. I then proceeded to run around the place, inspiring surprise and a few good scares. Oh, what a great time that was!

  2. Javier Aleman

    This year I’m dressing up as Artie from Glee cuz it’s easy and no one is expecting it, please I get to sit on my ass all day and get pushed around all night

    • I suppose I should have labeled those. The first link is a make-up test my fiance did on me in preparation for the Zombie Pub Crawl this weekend, the second is us as Danny Elfman’s Devil and the Queen of the sixth dimension from The Forbidden Zone, and the last is me as Darkwing Duck.

    • EM

      Oh, yeah, I’ve also been in a couple of zombie walks, where my costume was meant to evoke Night of the Living Dead, though not any particular character. For me, the best moment involved some pretty young coed who got caught in the event entirely unawares. Freaked out by one of the zombies, she turned around to flee him, only to find me right in front of her. She screamed and ran away, warming the cockles of my dark heart.

  3. Jane Morgan

    My sister and I were never allowed to celebrate Halloween, because it’s the devil’s holiday. We had to stay home, with the lights off, and pray for our friends.

    The only costume party I ever went to, at university, I was the personal assistant of the dark lord Sauron. It was just a name tag.

    But, for my kids this year, I made two hobos and a fairy princess.

    • EM

      I feel sorry for those poor Christians who buy into that devil’s-holiday lie, spread by the devil so that he and his minions can easily spot the uncostumed dupes.

  4. Usually I just throw on a pair of tattered jeans that I have left siting in the floor for a few days and a wrinkled long-sleeved t-shirt (it really works if you throw smelly clothes on top of them), don’t shave for the week heading up, and spike my hair, and throw on a book-bag, and tell people I’m a college student. Problem is – it is usually just too good – people always ask why I didn’t dress up.

        • EM

          You don’t need makeup or a mask. You don’t even a costume per se, even though all these amenities can help. 99% of an effective zombie is attitude. Just shamble, groan, and stare your way through it.

          P.S. If it’s not too much of a problem for your allergies, you can enhance a zombie costume by putting fake blood on your clothing or accessories. Or real blood, I suppose.

  5. I never dress for Halloween, and haven’t since I was in grade school. However, it seems to give normally “prudish” women the excuse to dress sexy for a day, so I’m all for it. 🙂