Contest: Win ‘Gremlins – Diamond Luxe Edition’ on Blu-ray!

With snazzy new packaging and a bunch of all-new bonus features, the ‘Gremlins: 30th Anniversary Diamond Luxe Edition‘ Blu-ray is the perfect gift for any fan of Joe Dante’s delightfully wicked black comedy. We’re giving away a copy this week. Don’t miss your chance to win!

In addition to all the features from the previous Blu-ray release, the Diamond Luxe Edition contains the following new content:

  • From Gizmo to Gremlins: Creating the Creatures
  • Cute. Clever. Mischievous. Intelligent. Dangerous: Making Gremlins
  • Hangin’ with Hoyt on the Set of Gremlins
  • Motion Comics of the 1984 Books “The Last Gremlin” and “Gremlins: The Gift of the Mogwai”

Gremlins Diamond Luxe Edition

On top of that, this prize pack will also include a ‘Gremlins’ mini poster autographed by director Joe Dante and star Zach Galligan.

So, how do you win?

We all know the three simple rules for taking care of a Mogwai:

  1. Don’t expose him to bright light, especially sunlight.
  2. Don’t get him wet or give him water.
  3. Never feed him after midnight.

I want you to create new rules for Mogwai care and explain the consequences of what will happen if someone breaks each rule.

For example: Don’t let him listen to talk radio. He gets quite belligerent in his political beliefs, and you’ll never hear the end of how Obamacare denies coverage for post-transformation fur replacement treatments.

We have one copy of the Blu-ray to give away. The winner will be chosen at our own subjective discretion based on whichever responses we enjoy the most. Entries are limited to a maximum of 10 rules per person. That should give you plenty of opportunity to craft a good submission, but will also help us to avoid any potential appearance of awarding prizes based on volume rather than quality. (Please heed this limit. You will be taken out of consideration if you submit more than 10 entries.) All entries must be submitted in the Comments section of this blog post. Please do not attempt to email them to me.

This contest is only open to entrants from the domestic United States. We will not ship internationally (whether you’re a U.S. citizen or not). Employees of High-Def Digest or Internet Brands and their families are not eligible. Standard contest rules and conditions apply. People who have won any of our previous contests within the past one year are also not eligible to win, but may get Honorable Mentions.

The deadline for entry is Friday, December 12th. The winners will be announced the following week. Good luck!


  1. David Hollingsworth

    1) Don’t let them watch reality TV. It will stunt their growth.
    2) Don’t let them be apart of the remake, if there is one. It will probably give them a bad name.
    3) Don’t let them stare at that recent Kim Kardashian picture. It will give them nightmares.
    4) Don’t let them listen to rap music. It will cause them to wear saggy pants, and run from the police.
    5) Don’t let them bully each other. They will think that bullying is cool.
    6) Don’t leave them in a room with Justin Bieber. They will make really bad music, and be apart of the tabloids every mintue.
    7) Don’t leave them in a room with Miley Cyrus. They will stick out their tongue every 5 seconds.
    8) Don’t leave them in a room with Kanye West, They will egostically steal Taylor Swift’s grammys, pose on magazine covers dressed as the Messiah, and think that they are the greatest thing in the world since sliced bread.

    9) Don’t let them be cropped in 4:3 aspect ratio. They will start to think that they are meant to be in full frame.
    10) Do not let them make sex tapes. They will end up on TMZ.

  2. David Staschke

    1) Don’t let them near your home theater room – They will cause a leaky pipe that will result in all kinds of problems and complications.

    2) Don’t let them eat gluten – You don’t want to know why…

    3) In the event that they eat after midnight and turn, don’t let them see any of the Despicable Me movies – They will be furious when they realize the minions stole their comedy act.

    4) Don’t let them make a meme featuring Yoda – It will be funny at first, but then all your friends will post it on every social networking site over and over again like its a new joke and you will be annoyed.

  3. phill

    rule 1: don’t let them watch anime, the bright flashes of light will cause them to explode
    rule 2: do not let them play video games they will mimic what they see, especially if violence in involved
    rule 3: don’t let them get wet from alcohol, they will spawn extremely violent, but dumb and slow offspring
    rule 4: don’t take them to panda express, i’m pretty sure they aren’t cannibals

  4. Nik Smith

    DON’T let them make a sex tape then accidently on purpose leak it online and end up dating a Kardashian!!

  5. Todd

    Don’t ever show your gremlin a diamond luxe edition bluray. It’s brain will explode trying to figure out what the hell luxe means.

  6. Todd

    Show your Gremlin the Rambo films as soon as possible. The skills it will learn will may one day save it’s life. It also looks awfully cute in a red headband.

  7. Todd

    Do not let your Gremlin use your DVR. It will erase all your TV shows and replace them with reruns of Meerkat Manor.

  8. Todd

    Remove any Furbys that you may have from your home, or your Gremlin will have an identity crisis and need to be institutionalized.


    1. Never let them watch “Frozen.” Under any circumstances. You thought them singing “Hi Ho” one time was cute? Try “Let It Go” times ten thousand.
    2. Intermingling Mogwais and Furbies is strictly forbidden. If you do not choose to heed this warning, the Antichrist will cometh. And it will be adorable (but also murderous and hella creepy).
    3. Don’t let them watch “Ratatouille,” or they might try cooking and burn your house down.
    4. Don’t let them dress themselves. They’ll try to make the ’80s cool again, and no one wins in that scenario.
    5. At every opportunity, allow them to tweet. Achieving cultural relevancy, then turning it down, is every Mogwai’s dream.
    6. Never let them drive. You’ll end up at a drive-thru past midnight two times out of ten. (The other eight times you’ll die painfully, because they can’t see over the steering wheel.)
    7. Don’t send them to college. Frat parties and Mogwais were never meant to mix – and the fallout after about 40 weeks would be disturbing, to stay the least.
    8. Don’t let them watch NBC. If a Mogwai ever saw Peter Pan Live, it would be a bloodbath. The chance of even a commercial is just too high to chance it for Parks and Recreation.

  10. KiKS

    1. Do not let them watch the Special Edition releases of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. They’ll weep buckets over what Lucas has done to their favorite 80’s franchise… and get wet. Need I say what happens when a Mogwai gets wet?

    2. Do not let them watch Indy and the crystal Skull. They’ll weep buckets over what kinda crap Lucas & the one who once was their beloved producer have made… and get wet. Again, need I say what happens when a Mogwai gets wet? 😛

  11. KiKS

    Do not let Michael Bay spot them… he’ll team up with Spielberg and create a franchise on Gremlins that explode on contact…

  12. KiKS

    Do not make them watch Titanic or Finding Nemo… They’ll try to get wet by jumping into the CGI sea and will break your expensive screen…

  13. Freakyguy666

    Don’t leave them alone in a room with Richard Gere. The doctor at the nearest urgent care facility will explain why.

  14. KiKS

    “I… am…. Groooooot.”

    Rocket: “Oh… Groot doesn’t want the Mockway… Mockingjay… Okay… whatever hogwash it is, he doesn’t want it near him… Since y’know, Groot’s a plant… and needs water and sunlight and stuff for his living… Right?

    “I am Groot.”

    • KiKS

      Revising this one, as there’s no option to delete it… 🙁

      “I… am…. Groooooot.”

      Rocket: “Oh… Groot doesn’t want the Mockway… Mockingjay… Aargh! Okay… whatever hogwash it is, he doesn’t want it near him… Since y’know, Groot’s a frickin’ photosynthetic organism!”

      “I am Groot.”

  15. Michael Lombardo


    1) Under no circumstances “Swipe Right” using Tinder near a Gremlin. For some reason, modern day Gremlins think you’re finding them attractive and once they realize it’s NOT about them: They get extremely bitchy.

    2) Refrain from using the word, “hashtag” near them. They will immediately take our their smartphones and check their Twitter feeds non-stop for the rest of the day. It’s not really dangerous to you but it’s just EXTREMELY stupid to see a Gremlin take out a phone and use social networking.

    3) Showing them anything created by Uwe Boll forces them to immediately drop flat on their stomachs and shit uncontrollably.

  16. Ryan Murawski

    1. Don’t let your Mogwai watch anything on the Bravo channel.

    2. Don’t let your Mogwai watch anything on the TruTV channel.

    3. Don’t let your Mogwai watch TV at all actually.

  17. Timcharger

    Never ever, ever explain the marketing tactics of Diamond “LUXE” to Gremlins…

    They will begin to insist on being called: GRAY-meh-leh-yuns.
    You’ll say: gray-melons?
    They’ll correct you: gray-meh-LAY-yuns.
    You’ll say: gray-may-lay-uns?
    They’ll correct you again: gray-meh-lay-YOOONS.
    You’ll say: Gray-may-lay-yoons.
    They’ll say: Oui.

  18. Kashtarreaper

    Don’t let them watch the Angry Video Game Nerd, their vocabulary will solely consist of four letter words.

    Don’t go drinking with your Mogwai, after midnight he will encourage you to drunk dial your ex.

  19. EM

    1) Never let him wield a multi-bladed lightsaber. Not only will he likely lose a paw (as often happens in such movies anyway), but the saber will look f@#%in’ stupid.

    2) Never take him to see a Lars von Trier or Nicolas Winding Refn film. Not even the most wicked gremlin deserves so cruel a punishment…and you sure as hell don’t either!

    3) Never complain to him about the difficulties in raising your child. A mogwai’s children usually come in multiple births—so, whatever your parenting woes, the mogwai’s almost certainly got you beat!

    4) No matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never, ever let him preorder a major Blu release or buy it in the first week of release. Buying will be waste of money if he wins a copy from the Bonus View!!

    5) And finally—never ever blatantly pander to him in a contest entry. He’ll see right through you and deny you your prize. (But if you must pander, try throwing in a David Lynch reference.)