‘Gravity’ Diamond Luxe Contest Results

Our readers are the best. Honestly, when I posted last week’s contest for the ‘Gravity’ Diamond Luxe Blu-ray, I worried quite a bit that the image I chose for the caption contest was too difficult and nobody would find anything funny to say about it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. You guys came through with lots of hilarious entries.

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

And the winner is...

Honorable Mentions

  1. Adam C: If I had my PS2 controller I coulda been home hours ago.
  2. Alex: Figured I’d get dressed up as Sigourney Weaver before playing Alien: Isolation.
  3. Bill A: This one time, at space camp …
  4. Chapz Kilud: Prepare quantum torpedoes. Maximum yield, full spread.
  5. David S: Cyber sex is much more complicated in space…
  6. Csm101: In space, no one can hear George Clooney scream…
    But if they could, they would probably hear this, “What the fuck was I thinking?! Come back Sandra, reel me back in!!”
  7. Phillip L: First a bus, then a damn cruise ship, now a space station. Is there no medium in which I can safely travel?
  8. Cliff G: The Blue Danube? Where the hell is that music coming from?
  9. Timcharger: So much symbolism is this film. A woman tries to operate a vehicle. But a man flies in to show her how. Don’t blame me; blame Cuaron.
  10. Cameron: “Dolby Atmos?….. If I fart, which speaker will it come out?”
  11. Manuel B: The files are IN the computer?
  12. Carl C: Damn this Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!
  13. Dean C: Worst spot for a photo booth, ever!
  14. Hamud M: “Just hold it in until you find a gas station… JUST HOLD IT IN!!!!”
  15. Matt S: That’s not a moon, it’s Clooney’s ego!
  16. Jonathan L: Why is my Etch-A-Sketch not working?!
  17. Dennis P: Slowly , slowly, slowly……Damn, I hit that chevette again!!!
  18. Salvador C: Sandra Bullock’s only means of distancing herself from “All About Steve,” LEAVE EARTH!!
  19. David: Damn it! Clooney told me this rust bucket was an automatic!
  20. Andy T: “I’m telling you, Houston, I’m looking out the starboard window and I see a guy in a hockey mask, a guy with nails in his face and a freaking leprechaun.”

The Winners!

T.J. wrote:


Kim wrote:

I told it to avoid highways, but this is ridiculous. I don’t see my house at all. Damn you, Apple Maps!

Congratulations to T.J. and Kim for winning the ‘Gravity’ Diamong Luxe Edition Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest.


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