Full Metal Jackets: Bad to the Bone

Anybody got a light? How about some flame-retardant underwear? Nicolas Cage is back and he’ll still be drivin’ angry when ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ rolls onto Blu-ray 3D in a SteelBook case next month at Future Shop Canada.

This sequel based on the Marvel Comics’ character will arrive on home video on June 12th.

Spirit of Vengeance‘ finds former motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze (Cage) in Eastern Europe, where he must call forth his demonic alter ego to save a young boy from the Devil (Ciaran Hinds).

Here’s an image of the SteelBook front cover art. (Click to enlarge.)

The design of this one looks pretty slick, and I definitely like that it also includes the Blu-ray 3D. Even though I heard the movie itself isn’t the greatest, I might have to blind buy this one. Hey, it’s Nicolas Cage, and it can’t be worse than the first film… Can it?

The Blu-ray 3D combo pack will feature 1080p video, a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack, and the following supplements:

  • Directors’ expanded video commentary
  • We Will Burn This City To Bitter Ashes
  • The Path to Vengeance: Making Ghost Rider 2
  • Riding Into Another Dimension (3D Exclusive)

The pre-order price for this SteelBook is currently $36.99 CAD. Also note that Future Shop will not ship to the United States.

[Source: Future Shop]


  1. How come the US never gets these special edition Tins very often? I dont get it really, you think that we would but instead they come out every where else but…..

    As far as quality of the movie goes, it really depends on how much you liked or didnt like the first one AND how much you like Neveldine/Taylor’s other movies like Crank and Gamer.

    I enjoyed the first Ghost Rider, it was quite a bit of cheese thats for sure, so in that sense the 2nd one is still definitely cheesy, but its pretty much Ghost Rider thrown into Crank and if that combination sounds good to you and you like your Cage over the top, then you should have a good time with this, the Rider himself is FAR better in this one than the first one though 🙂

    • Random Commenter

      Best Buy has this steelbook as a pre-order bonus here in the US, similar to what they have done for the Lion King and the Muppets with those metal cases.

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