‘Game of Thrones: Season Three’ Contest Results

When I wrote up last week’s ‘Game of Thrones’ contest post, I had originally started with a different picture for readers to caption. I’m glad that I found another one and changed it at the last minute, because I think this one offered a better opportunity for funnier captions. You sure seem to have come through on that front.

Here’s the picture I settled on:

Honorable Mentions
  1. Alex: You see what happens? All kinds of crazy sports get added when you let Russia host the Olympics.
  2. Joseph K: I guess the question is, is that sword too big, too small, or just right? Are you feeling lucky?
  3. Robb: Ok, but after this game, I have to go sit on the throne, if you know what I mean.
  4. Tom A: The medieval equivalent of bringing a knife to a gunfight.
  5. Matthew S: I drink your Porridge, I drink it up!
  6. Chase D: If you ask me “What does the Fox say?” ONE more time…
  7. Bernie W: This situation is un-bearable.
  8. Shayne B: “Come out to King’s Landing, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”
  9. Csm101: “This bear shits on a toilet, outta my way lady!”
  10. Aaron M: Tilda Swinton’s audition tape for Star Wars Episode VII.
  11. shawn: My what big teeth you have.
  12. Rich86: Hey – I said NO TONGUES!!
  13. Vasilis: My name is Enigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!
  14. David S: An argument over whether or not Brave deserved to win the Oscar for best animated feature escalates quickly.
  15. NJScorpio:
    “…just bear with me!”- “I SAID STOP WITH THE BEAR PUNS!”

    “I can understand how my appearance gives you paws…”

    – “STOP! I’ll STAB YOU! I SWEAR!”

    “Well, that’s a bit grizzly.”

  16. Adam C: To be fair to the bear, she does look just like a salmon.
  17. JonathanL: “C’mon, I’ve swallowed bigger…”
  18. Robert: Excuse me, I just ate two Starks and a Lannister. Which way to the woods?
  19. Ross: As unlikely as it seemed, in a few distant corners of the realm the debate between Blu-ray and HD-DVD bitterly raged on…
  20. Gena: Oh no! She used the last of the Charmin!
The Winner!

Dominique won me over with several great entries, but this one was my favorite:

“Wait, guys, I thought you said this was barely a chall– ……….. ‘bear’ly a challenge.. ah, I see what you did there.”

That just kills me.

Congratulations to Dominique for winning ‘Game of Thrones: The Complete Third Season‘ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest.

If you’re curious, here was the original image I almost went with:

Feel free to caption that in the Comments for fun. My suggestion: “Curses, He-Man! Eternia will be mine yet!”


  1. David Staschke

    “We had a bunch of material left over after building those tents so I fugured, ‘What the hell… why not make myself some clothes?’ So what do you think? Snazzy, right? And the this mask really ties it all together, doesn’t it?”

  2. Timcharger

    I was robbed!!!
    I was Robb Starked!!!
    Not even an Honorable Mention…
    …guess I should have kept my word and married one of Josh’s daughters.

  3. Timcharger

    * (One star) only for the Video rating.

    You can clearly see in this screen capture,
    HBO did not bother to clean off a piece of hair from the film.

  4. Timcharger

    Is that a giant snowball rolling towards me? And is that Val Kilmer in that snowball? Val Kilmer in drag? And he’s crawling with brownies? How gross! Brownies! Why is that hobbit holding a baby on a sled coming towards me, too? Oh no! I’ve been asking myself too many questions again and will be hit by the snowba…

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