Videogame Releases for the Week of July 18th, 2010

Yikes. It’s a dry week folks. But even this absolutely awful week has at least one standout title. If you’re really into Little League baseball, you can call it two.

Limbo (360)

If it weren’t for the Xbox Live Arcade, this week would be absolutely intolerable. Luckily, there’s ‘Limbo,’ the visually stunning puzzle platformer from PlayDead Studios. It’s sort of got that ‘Braid’ feel to it, in that it has a fairly calm atmosphere, some innovative mechanics, and a striking look. ‘Limbo’ is one of those games that you’ll be able to show off to your friends, boast about playing, and then get into over-intellectualized arguments about the merits of games as art. Good times all around.

Little League World Series Baseball 2010 (360, PS3)

The latest installment of the ‘Little League’ franchise makes a change from being on the Wii and DS to the 360 and PS3. It’s a strange move considering the very limited graphical needs of the game. Even the design of the game is Wii-centric. Wii owners will have to settle for ‘Little League World Series Double Play,’ a combo pack that includes the 2008 and 2009 titles. Recommendations on this one are easy. Do you love Little League baseball? Well then, get this. Otherwise, you know, don’t.


  1. JoeRo

    I cannot wait for Limbo. Besides how beautiful the visuals look in that game, which is most assuredly a part of the draw, the gameplay sounds very interesting. I’ll definitely be picking that up tomorrow.

  2. Zaserov

    There’s a new Valve game out for free on Steam as of Monday: Alien Swarm. 4 player alien-shooting co-op. I think it’s PC only, though.

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