Mid-Week Poll: Best Fictional President

After seemingly endless months of non-stop attack ads and obnoxious robo-calls, the Presidential election in the United States is finally over. (At least, I assume so. I’m writing this post in advance. Please don’t tell me that we’re suffering through another recount situation. I don’t think I could take that.) No matter which candidate won or which party you voted for in real life, let’s use today’s poll to settle an even more important political debate: Who is the best fictional President from movies or TV?

I’ve tried to assemble an interesting list of characters for the poll below. Some are genuinely good politicians, and some not so much. Just like a real election, you can only vote for one candidate.

Please, no partisan bickering in the Comments. Most of these characters aren’t even associated with real political parties.

I’m a David Palmer supporter all the way. I’d vote for him if he were real. Hell, I’d vote for Dennis Haysbert if he ever decided to enter politics.

Which Fictional President Would You Vote For?

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  1. Shannon Nutt

    Does “best” have to mean “good”? Because when it comes to actors who have most REALISTICLY portrayed a President, I think Gregory Itzin’s Charles Logan on “24” hit it pretty close to the mark. 🙂