SteelBook Alert: All Things Being Equal

Denzel Washington’s action hit ‘The Equalizer’ will be released on Blu-ray in a SteelBook case exclusively at UK retailer Zavvi. The artwork hasn’t been finalized yet, but you can get a say in choosing the design.

‘The Equalizer’

Available at: Zavvi
Release date: TBD
Price: £22.99
Region code: Most (but not all) Sony Blu-rays are region-free.

Every once in a while, Zavvi lets its shoppers vote on the artwork for upcoming SteelBooks. For this movie, the available options are all theatrical poster designs.

The first option is probably the least attractive, but the blood-splatter imagery is kind of appropriate for the movie. Choice 2 is rather boring. I favor the final design, personally.

Option 1

Equalizer Blu-ray SteelBook Option 1

Option 2

Equalizer Blu-ray SteelBook Option 2

Option 3

Equalizer Blu-ray SteelBook Option 3

You can vote by visiting the Zavvi product listing. Click on the “Description” tab halfway down the page, then follow the link to the Facebook poll.


  1. One or Three, Two is pretty plain.

    This movie got horrible reviews though so I would not exactly want to commit to it just yet.
    Yeah I realize a limited edition Steelbook should be ordered early to ensure ya get in on it, then cancel later if it sucks.

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