‘The Edge of Seventeen’ Contest Results

While you’re still working on your entries for this week’s ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ contest, let’s find out who won those Blu-ray copies of ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ we promised last week.

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

And the winners are…

Honorable Mentions

  1. Bill M: (reading) “A brief guide to new UHD, HDR and 3D-audio formats for your home theater…”
  2. Jason R: Damn Zyber, always shitting on Prometheus any chance he gets!
  3. Adam C: That look when your boyfriend of 2 years breaks up with you over text because he met you when you were singing acapella in college, but found out that a year later you’re only on the edge of seventeen.
  4. Carl C: What?! HD DVD lost the format war. I really need to check my emails more often.
  5. Chris W: “WTF Apple, I want my headphone jack back!”
  6. Kevin R: “Damn, I thought it would be safe to go back on Facebook after the election was over.”
  7. Arthur: “Ewww, dude, leave me alone. You’re not even a Congressman anymore.”
  8. Rob B: Why do they keep making Transformers movies? And why do I keep watching them?
  9. NJScorpio: “What’s this bobbing purple bird thing?”
  10. David S: “I never should have given my number to Anthony Weiner…”
  11. John B: Nickleback’s greatest hits! Who did this to me? God, why do you hate me.
  12. Luke C: “Who do I know named Dich Pich?”
  13. Rob G: No way. I can’t believe Chuck Norris just did that.
  14. JR: They’re releasing Blade Runner again?! How stupid do they – wait! “Deluxe Tear Ducts Edition” includes a vial of authentic Rutger Hauer tears?! Take my damn money!
  15. Derek: These good reviews for Lego Batman still show a clear bias against DC somehow!

The Winners!

Csm101 wrote:

‘The Edge of Seventeen’ home video title will be ‘Sulk. Pout. Repeat.’

Mica wrote:

*Reads text in Quagmire voice*
Hey, baby, how ’bout you and I make some TRUE GRIT? Heh, heh, aaaalright.

Kashtarreaper wrote:

Not the picture of Woody I asked for.

Congratulations to Csm101, Mica and Kashtarreaper for winning ‘The Edge of Seventeen‘ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest. Don’t forget, those of you who didn’t win still have another day to get some entries in for our ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ contest.


  1. Csm101

    Awesome! Congrats fellow winners, and thanks Josh, HDD. Should I take this opportunity to start addressing world issues? Nah, I’m stoked to win though and look forward to seeing this movie. Thanks again!

  2. Timcharger

    This is rigged! The system is rigged against me. Everyone knows that MY captions are the best. Lyin’ HDD. Hugely Dishonest Digest is what I call it. I would have won this contest if 3 to 5 million illegal captions weren’t allowed. Russia should hack Josh and reveal his corruption. Sad!

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