It’s a Festivus Miracle – I’ve Cleared Out My DVR!

Something kind of amazing happened over the last week – something I haven’t experienced since… well, I honestly can’t remember how long. I didn’t even think it was possible. Yes, I’ve officially watched everything on my DVR!

With the Christmas break, all of the shows I regularly watch are now on hiatus for at least a couple more weeks, and there’s very little new of interest premiering in the meantime. (As I previously mentioned, I suppose I’ll give ‘The Cape’ a one-episode tryout just to be nice.) This means that I’ve had a little bit of time to plow through my backlog of recordings. I finally got fed up and decided that if something were really worth watching, then I should watch the damn thing. And if not, then I should just purge it. I wound up doing a bit of both.

The series I needed to catch up with the most was ‘The Good Guys‘. Since its shaky premiere over the summer, the show steadily settled into a comfortable groove and became a solidly entertaining action-comedy. I grew to like its goofy humor and parade of amusing guest stars. I burned through the last four or five episodes, up through its season (and sadly, series) finale.

The show was never much of a ratings hit, and the move to Friday nights didn’t help matters. Fox officially announced its cancellation recently. Fortunately, it went out on a pretty good note. The last episode, ‘Partners’, saw the return of Gary Cole as Bradley Whitford’s old partner, and guest starred master thespian Chris Klein as a corrupt cop with a ridiculous Texas accent. It was a lot of fun. This was not a series that was ever Day One appointment viewing for me, but I’m glad to have seen it through to the end.

The other program that was the most backlogged on my DVR was ‘Hawaii Five-0‘, with five episodes. I watched one, and came to the realization that this show just sucks and never deserved its position on my Series Recording list. Really, it’s just badly written, cheesy, and stupid. I kept hoping that it would get better, but it clearly wasn’t going to. So I deleted the rest of the episodes without watching. I don’t feel bad about that in the slightest.

This gives me a clean slate going into 2011, which hopefully means I won’t have to live in fear of losing recordings to DVR overload for a while. How long do you think I’ll make it before filling this thing up again? Let’s be honest – probably not very long.


  1. Wow everything watched. That’s amazing. I could never do it. I don’t record TV stuff though.. I watch about 2-3 Blu Ray’s every week but buy 10+.. so there will never ever be a time that I am able to watch everything. hmm Maybe if I take a year off of work (I could say it’s an experiment.. Maybe they keep paying me).. Still, Josh, great work!

  2. William Henley

    I feel your pain! My roommate just cleared 100 hours of recordings from her DVR. I also purged a few things, but i need to do more. Reading your article makes me realize that i will probably never watch the 2008 olympics! Yes, i got about 25 hours of Olympics that i still haven’t watched on an extrtnal harddrive.

    I also need to start purging movies that i now own on Blu-ray

  3. William Henley

    @josh and @stephan – i still have unopened laserdiscs, dvds, and hd-dvds. Don’t get me started on blu-rays! And i know i mentioned this before on Dick’s articles, but don’t even ask about the stack of games i haven’t played. Still haven’t gotten off of disc 1 of ff7 or ff8. I am pretty far on ff9 though. Eternal sonatra and tales if vesperia and fable 2 i have hardly played

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