‘Burn Notice’ 5.10 Recap: “Shedding a Little Blood for the Cause”

Michael’s getting sloppy and it’s starting to show. The ‘Burn Notice’ team finally found the hideout of the man who framed Michael, and Michael let him slip right through his fingers.

I was a little disappointed in super-spy Michael Westen in ‘Army of One’. When he and Sam try to infiltrate the hideout, the bad guy gets away really easily. That shouldn’t happen, not with these two who think through every little detail. Perhaps they just weren’t thinking at all.

On his way to shoot up the warehouse, Michael walks past the pickup truck that the guy drove there. The old, more focused Michael would have slashed the tires, disabled the engine… something. I kept wondering why in the world would he walk past that truck and not do anything to it? Just as I suspected, as soon as the guy gets whiff that they’re coming, he jumps in his truck and speeds off. Even I would’ve known to mess up his getaway car.

This was another two-parter, where Sam and Fiona take on one job while Jesse and Michael team up for another. Sam and Fi are tasked with bringing in a computer wiz to see if he can retrieve any information from some charred hard drives that they procured from the warehouse.

Jesse has another corporate security gig he needs help with. Michael is supposed to infiltrate a gang of white collar criminals and then bust them up from the inside. The mission soon goes south when they enter a small airport, and these white collar guys are all of a sudden packing machine guns. They’re planning to kidnap a billionaire who’s about to land at the airport.

Fun fact for those of you who watched ‘The Pretender’: Michael T. Weiss, who played Jarod, was the main bad guy for this episode. That’s not all, though. Remember the bomb-making war criminal that Sam and Michael kidnapped in the last episode? Well, he was Patrick Bauchau, who played Sydney. I wonder if that was done on purpose. Two guest stars from ‘The Pretender’ in back-to-back episodes? Does that mean we’ll see Andrea Parker soon?

Anyway, back to the episode at hand. Michael does his best to contain the hostage situation by making the terrorists believe that an ex-Special Forces operative is loose in the airport. My favorite part of the episode is when Michael easily creates a working gun out of a piece of pipe and some other spare parts. There’s endless ingenuity in this show.

In the end, Michael gets the hostages out safely by convincing the leader that he would kill himself for the cause. It seems a little far-fetched, but I ultimately don’t have a problem with it.

Jesse is really starting to get on my nerves. His visit to the air traffic controller’s building is extremely grating. He tries too hard to act nonchalant.

Fi and Sam find out some info from the damaged computers that will no doubt lead into the next episode. However, Agent Pearce is getting dangerously close to Michael’s trail now, and Michael still has yet to find out who framed him.

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