‘Burn Notice’ 5.08 Recap: “Your Boyfriend Has Some Nasty Enemies”

Last week’s episode of ‘Burn Notice’ had two major storylines, with the team split up to accomplish different objectives. Sam and Fiona attempt to steal a truckload of ammunition for international gangsters, while Michael and Jesse try to take down a team of mercenaries who’ve set up camp on a remote Caribbean island. In other words, it’s just another typical day in Michael Westen’s life.

At first, you may wonder why Sam and Fiona would steal ammunition for a bad guy, but it’s for a greater cause – or so they hope. He may be the only man who can tell them who made the bomb that Michael found in the boat – a bomb that, if identified, could lead them to the person trying to frame Michael.

Michael has problems of his own, though. He’s been called in officially by the CIA to extract an asset from an island in the Caribbean. So, he can’t personally help steal the ammunition from a secured facility.

Fiona and Sam reluctantly agree to steal the ammunition because they have no other choice. This seems to be the first time that the crew has knowingly helped a bad person without a plan for stopping him later. They just give a really bad guy a truckload of armor piercing rounds. What’s he going to use those for? Will the team end up having blood on its hands indirectly? Are they going too far to find out who framed Michael? Where do they draw the line?

Meanwhile on the island, Michael, Jesse and Michael’s CIA contact Agent Pierce try to extract an asset who has sensitive information. The only problem is that their escape is blocked by dozens of steroid-ridden, machine gun-toting mercenaries. In order to “sneak” by them, Michael decides that the best plan is to walk right up to them and pretend that they were sent in to take control of the situation.

First, Michael takes out the satellite that the mercenaries use for communication, and then walks into their camp acting like the three of them had been sent there from the higher-ups to make sure everything goes smoothly. Hiding in plain sight usually works for Michael.

This is an interesting episode. While Michael carries out a job for the CIA, his friends actually do a job for a known bad guy. How far will Michael and his friends go to prove his innocence? Will they risk doing more bad things for a greater good? This is certainly an interesting dichotomy for the show.

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