Weekend Box Office: Hello, Ladies

This weekend taught us a couple lessons: 1) Never underestimate the power of female audiences, and 2) Neither posthumous star vehicles nor low-budget horror movies are ever sure things.

Despite brutal reviews and a pathetic 25% Rotten Tomatoes rating, female moviegoers still flocked to ‘The Other Woman‘. Originally expected to compete with ‘Captain America’ for the top spot, the laugh-less comedy earned nearly $8 million more than studio predictions. From 3,205 locations, the film raked in $24.7 million. Some predictions place the chick flick’s box office performance in line with ‘Bridesmaids‘, but there’s no way it will have any legs after word-of-mouth gets out.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘ dropped 37% in attendance in its fourth weekend and still managed to lock in the #2 spot. The additional $16 million bumped its domestic run up to $224.8 million. Worldwide, the sequel has now earned $645.1 million, making it the third-highest grossing entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will be interesting to see how it fares once ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ debuts stateside this Friday. Spidey’s head start is killing it overseas.

Third place went to the week-old ‘Heaven Is for Real‘, which added $13.8 million to its run. After 12 days, the faith-based film has earned $51.9 million. Within the next week, it will pass the entire domestic gross for this year’s earlier ‘Son of God’.

Rio 2‘ managed to keep up with ‘Cap’ and ‘Heaven’ by also dropping only 38%. Its $13.6 million third weekend brought the $100 million animated family flick up to $96.1 million.

Paul Walker’s second-to-last movie (‘Fast and Furious 7’ hits theaters next year) suffered a nasty opening. ‘Brick Mansions‘, the English-language remake of ‘District B13‘, rounded out the Top 5 with only $9.6 million.

Last week’s flop ‘Transcendence‘ fell even harder. The Johnny Depp science fiction picture slipped 62% and only grossed $4.1 million. Its $1,188 per-screen average is the second-worst of any movie in the Top 15. How the mighty have fallen! After ten days, the film has only earned $18.4 million.

Speaking of flops, the PG-13 horror flick ‘The Quiet Ones‘ debuted in the #7 spot to just $4 million.

Tom Hardy’s acclaimed indie drama ‘Locke‘ had a pretty good limited debut. From just four screens, the one-man confined location thriller pulled in $89,200. Distributor A24 has yet to announce an expansion strategy.

Top 10:

1. ‘The Other Woman’ (Fox) – $24,700,000

2. ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ (Buena Vista) – $16,048,000

3. ‘Heaven Is for Real’ (TriStar) – $13,800,000

4. ‘Rio 2’ (Fox) – $13,650,000

5. ‘Brick Mansions’ (Relativity) – $9,600,000

6. ‘Transcendence’ (Warner Bros.) – $4,105,000

7. ‘The Quiet Ones’ (Lionsgate) – $4,000,000

8. ‘Bears’ (Buena Vista) – $3,606,000

9. ‘Divergent’ (Summit) – $3,600,000

10. ‘A Haunted House 2’ (Open Road) – $3,265,000


  1. William Henley

    My buddy and I were going to go see Bears, but we could not find a theater playing it. We ended up going to see 300 – it was playing at the $2 theater.

  2. Scott H

    Wow, transcendence must be pretty bad to only have earned 18 million in ten days, how Johnny depp has fallen out popularity since the pirate films.

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