Weekend Box Office: Split Decision

Two of this weekend’s new movies had a shot at dethroning the three-week-old title holder, but none could do it. As much as I love ‘Split’ – and I truly love it – this better be its last weekend at the top of the box office. I’m struggling to find headlines that play on its title.

Super Bowl Sunday typically takes its toll on the box office, but the only movies hit hard this year were the new ones. Most of the older titles fared well, including threepeat box office champ ‘Split‘. This marks the first M. Night Shyamalan film to hold the top spot for three consecutive weeks since ‘The Sixth Sense’. The thriller fell 43% and finished the weekend with $14.5 million, placing its 17-day domestic total at $98.7 million. Within the next couple days, ‘Split’ will become the fifth Shyamalan film to cross the domestic $100 million milestone. It also pulled $44 million overseas, giving this privately financed $9 million picture a worldwide gross of $142.7 million.

As expected, ‘The Ring’ franchise proved its irrelevance this weekend – but it came pretty close to defeating ‘Split’ for first place. ‘Rings‘, the long-delayed (over one year) third entry of the series, grossed $13 million from 2,931 screens. It also collected $15.2 million from 35 international markets. The $25 million horror flick debuted to $28.2 million worldwide and still stands a chance of turning a dollar for Paramount.

Some have speculated that rumors of animal abuse on the set of ‘A Dog’s Purpose‘ hurt last week’s debut. Three days ago, a third-party investigation concluded there wasn’t any abuse and that the original claims were malicious, so it’ll be interesting to see if the movie performs better now. This weekend, it dropped 41% in attendance and slipped into third place with $10.8 million. After ten days, the $22 million family film has made $32.9 million domestically and $9.6 million overseas, for a $42.5 million worldwide total.

Hidden Figures‘ finished in fourth place by dropping a mere 28%. Earning another $10.1 million, the $25 million film has $119.4 million domestically and $2.7 million overseas, where it’s just now rolling out.

La La Land‘ once again rounded out the Top 5. After a 39% drop, it danced its way to $7.4 million. The $30 million throwback musical has totaled $118.3 million domestically and $150 million overseas, for $268.3 million worldwide.

The teen sci-fi romance ‘The Space Between Us‘ was expected to open to $10 million. Had it done so, it would have hit fifth place. However, it flopped. The film’s $3.8 million opening placed it in the #9 spot. Playing on 2,812 screens, this averages out to $1,358 per screen. The six-month-delayed drama comes with a steep $30 million price tag and has yet to open overseas, the only place that STX stands a chance of making a profit.

The debut of Robert De Niro’s new film was kind of a joke. ‘The Comedian‘ hit 848 screens, finished in the #20 spot and only made $1.1 million, for a per-screen average of $1,323.

Top 10:

1. ‘Split’ (Universal) – $14,584,485

2. ‘Rings’ (Paramount) – $13,000,000

3. ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ (Universal) – $10,824,830

4. ‘Hidden Figures’ (Fox) – $10,100,000

5. ‘La La Land’ (Lionsgate) – $7,450,000

6. ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ (Screen Gems) – $4,500,000

7. ‘Sing’ (Universal) – $4,080,715

8. ‘Lion’ (Weinstein) – $4,006,000

9. ‘The Space Between Us’ (STX) – $3,820,000

10. ‘xXx: The Return of Xander Cage’ (Paramount) – $3,700,000

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