‘Boardwalk Empire’ Contest Results

Turnout for last week’s contest was a little light. I felt like we had a pretty good prize. Did I stump you with my choice of photos to caption, or were people simply unfamiliar with ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and didn’t want to jump into the middle of a series at the third season?

The good news here is that the people who did enter the contest stand better odds of winning, and we got some pretty good submissions.

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

Honorable Mentions
  1. Brian R: Richard had to smile upon noticing that his friends had relpaced his pistols with ice cream cones.
  2. Jim: If these melt before I get to mama, I will lose face. Again.
  3. David S: Coming this fall to HBO, the new crossover series: Game of Cones!
  4. Kyle: Thanks, but uh…I’m lactose intolerant.
  5. loganfire3: Sorry, they were out of 50/50 bars…
  6. Jeremy R: First person calls me Harvey Dent chokes on both of these cones!
  7. njscorpio: “Hello there! The ladies call me ‘Two Fist Charlie’. Care for a lick?”
  8. Jim: …that moment when you realize you can’t lick the cones with a mask on.
  9. Timcharger: By ingeniously wearing a mask and only showing a side profile at the boardwalk’s food booth, Johnny was able to get TWO cones at Ben & Jerry’s Free Ice Cream Cone Day.
  10. Michael L: “The mysterious Richard Harrow looks to the distance while contemplating life. Both where he stands with newly acquired girlfriend AND whether or not these two ice-cones will give him the Atlantic City shits.”
  11. Csm101: “Ch ch ch ah ah ah.”
  12. Angela L: “Two cones. Check. Half a face. Check. Going COMMANDO on the beach with everyone staring at your veteran man-parts, while holding two cones and having a half a face. CHECK. CHECK. AND CHECK!”
  13. Jared M: “Crap, I think someone heard me fart…keep walking and keep a straight face!”
  14. Mark: The look on Richard’s face could not MASK his disappointment. Vanilla again!
  15. Juan D: Ice cream too cold. Face … going … numb
The Winner!

T.J. gave us several good entries, but this one really gets me:

Said by the guy over his right shoulder: “Glad this guy with the fake face is in front of me. Now people won’t notice my cocktail dress.”

Congratulations to T.J. for winning HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season‘ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest. Be sure to enter our ‘Walking Dead: Season Three’ contest before the deadline on Friday.


      • Timcharger

        I vary it up.

        Some are truly tasteless, yes, you’re right; those are downright dishonorable.

        But some are still high-brow. Modified lyrics to Phantom’s Music of the Night to match the picture, that’s an “Honorable” Mention. Andrew Lloyd Weber too pop and not enough high art for you?

  1. Danchez

    Aw, no Honorable Mentions for me. I think this will be the last contest I participate in. Individual sense of humor is just too subjective. 😛

  2. Angela L

    Got an honorable mention! Nice! Hopefully I have some better luck on the Walking Dead giveaway. These contests are great, Josh.

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