Full Metal Jackets: With Great Power Comes Fugly SteelBooks

Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy will get SteelBook Blu-ray releases exclusively at Future Shop in Canada, and man, are they ever ugly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

‘Spider-Man’ will be released first on September 21st. All I have to say is that I’ve seen a few terrible SteelBook designs in my day, but these are among the worst ever produced. Seriously, who designed these things? (Click the images below to enlarge.)

‘Spider-Man 2’ will be released on October 5th:

Finally, ‘Spider-Man 3’ will be released on October 19th:

Each SteelBook will sell for $19.99 in Canadian funds. Future Shop unfortunately doesn’t ship outside the country, but in this case, that may be more of a blessing than a curse. Bleeeeccchhhh!!!


  1. Zaserov

    I can’t argue that these aren’t ugly. However, I think these may actually be better than the current Spidey cases, which have a similar monochrome background but have cut and paste heads instead of stills. Either way, they’re both pretty lazy.

  2. William Henley

    Well, they may be ugly if this was a regular case, but this actually works for a steelbook. The red on steel, the polished-steel spider, and a picture on the cover that tells you about the movie. While it may not be the most attractive cover, it works – but ONLY because it’s a steelbook. This image on cardboard or on paper underneath a clear plastic cover would be hidious. But I bet it looks fantastic on steel.

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