Mid-Week Poll: Do You Go Shopping on Black Friday?

Here in the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. It’s a day notorious for huge throngs of people crowding into stores all over the country (sometimes lining up at the crack of dawn to wait for the stores to open) in the hunt for holiday sales. Are you one of those people, or do you avoid all that madness?

I’m not a fan of waiting in line or of crowds. I do most of my holiday shopping online these days. Amazon Prime is a lifesaver!

What about you? Are you a Black Friday shopper?

Do You Go Shopping on Black Friday?

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  1. i like shopping for Christmas and the last two years i did go shopping on black friday. bought my mom her first blu-ray player for her birthday two years ago. this year i’m staying home as i don’t have the fun money that i had the last few years and nothing out there to fight the crowds for. i’m good.

  2. My choice isn’t there. I buy on Amazon all week this week where basically all the same deals that occur on friday are available from my work desk, cell phone, or couch and delivered straight to my door. I actually, got some stuff this morning.

    • I agree, this is usually what I do. I have done the Black Friday sale twice – waiting outside the store, but you can normally get similar deals on the companies’ websites, so I generally just buy online.

      • I got Blu-Ray players for $35 each on the Best Buy website in the Black Friday sale. Didn’t have to go to the store (the cheapest they had in store was $39), and free shipping to my house. They are refurbished units, but I should get them early enough to test out before wrapping them.

  3. EM

    My choice isn’t here either. I don’t do Black Friday, I do a mix of retail and e-tail Christmas shopping, and I don’t (generally) wait till the last minute.

  4. A great (new) action has been announced, courtesy of the people behind “Record Store Day”: “Record Store Black Friday”; another great excuse to buy exclusive vinyl from selected artists, to promote independent record stores!
    I have pre-ordered an exclusive Rolling Stones 7″.

    • EM

      Another similar movement is Plaid Friday, which encourages the patronizing of independent, locally-owned stores on the day after Thanksgiving. I’ve heard of participating stores offering discounts to customers wearing plaid.

  5. Another Amazon Prime is a lifesaver checking in. However my wife loves the thrill of Black Friday shopping. I’ll gladly stay home and watch the kids.