‘The Walking Dead’ 2.06 Recap: “I Know What Kind of Man You Are”

It’s another day on the farm for the characters of ‘The Walking Dead’. Keeping all the action on the farm really is starting to feel like a not-so-subtle way of cutting costs for the series, and it’s starting to show.

Brief Synopsis: Glenn has been put in the awkward position of keeping everyone’s secrets. Dale continues to use his old-man wisdom to confound others into revealing their truths. Daryl apparently spends all day in a tent after being grazed by a bullet from Andrea. Lori deals with her pregnancy in all the wrong ways. Finally, I was right that Hershel is keeping all those zombies in the barn because they’re his family.

Episode Thoughts: Poor Glenn. He’s just so trusting. If this was high school, Glenn would be the poor kid who could never get a girlfriend, but that all the girls like to talk to. He’d be the guy that girls everywhere would introduce as, “This is my really good friend, Glenn.” Translation: “I tell him all my secrets, but he ain’t gettin’ any.” So, it’s a good thing for him that other guys who don’t want to eat your face off are in short supply during the zombie apocalypse.

Glenn eventually lets out the two big secrets he knows to Dale. With his calm old-guy demeanor, Dale always knows how to approach people. Also, due to his age, he’s less likely to get his lights punched out.

I just knew that Hershel would explain that the barn o’ zombies is holding his close friends and family, and I was right. I’m sure that a ton of other people saw that coming too. This episode begins with a feeding of the barn zombies. Breaking the legs of the chickens is a nice touch, because all I could picture was a group of zombies chasing around chickens ‘Rocky’ style. They’d never catch those suckers. (Ah man, what a perfect scene for the now-defunct ‘Zombieland 2’.)

Carl is up and ready to learn how to shoot a gun. You’d never know that the kid was lying on his death-bed just a few days ago. However, even in a world full of flesh-eating living dead, Lori is still anxious about gun safety. It’s a good thing that Rick’s sound judgment is there to counteract his wife’s increasing craziness. Lori has an excuse, though. I remember when my wife was pregnant. There was no rhyme or reason to some of the things she’d do during the day, but it was always explained away by hormones.

Shane and Andrea have some sweaty, nasty car sex after she grabs his package while they’re driving. Apparently, in a world full of zombies, nothing gets a woman hotter than fending off a horde of approaching flesh-eaters with well-placed head shots. Or maybe that’s just Andrea.

Evil Shane is getting closer and closer to surfacing, as is evidenced by his sadistic smile and his slightly furrowed brow while Dale tries to take him down with his countless years of wisdom and wide-eyed looks.

Oh yeah, and Sophia’s still missing, but does anyone really care about that anymore?


  1. Luke Hickman

    “I remember when my wife was pregnant. There was no rhyme or reason to some of the things she’d do during the day, but it was always explained away by hormones.”

    I hope SHE hasn’t read this!

  2. Isn’t Daryl recovering from that arrow that went through his abdomen and not the bullet grazing his skull.

    Now that I think about it all the humans should carry around a chicken to distracted the Zombies. All the Zombies would be slowly waking after the chicken.

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