Mid-Week Oscars Poll: Best Director 2012

Continuing our Academy Awards countdown, today we make some predictions for the Best Director category. Which nominated director do you think will take home the Oscar this year? Further, which one do you think actually deserves the prize? Vote after the break.

As with our best acting post last week, we’ve split this into two polls. First, tell us which director you think will win the trophy on Oscar night. This has nothing to do with your thoughts on the movies themselves. Rather, it’s strictly a prediction of which nominee the Academy members will vote for.

Who WILL Win Best Director 2012?

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Next, this is where you tell us your personal opinions. Which director do you think should win the Best Director prize?

Who SHOULD Win Best Director 2012?

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I’ve made my love for ‘The Artist’ well known in this blog. I think that Michel Hazanavicius did a tremendous job of reviving the silent film format and making it relevant and entertaining for a modern audience. Having recently won the Director’s Guild of America prize, he also seems to have the most momentum and will probably take the Oscar as well. He gets my vote in both polls.

Feel free to tell us in the comments about any other directors you think were snubbed by the Academy and that you feel are more deserving of the prize. (Yes, David Fincher fans, that means you.)


  1. Michel Hazanavicius is a shoo-in at this point, unless there’s a late momentum shift (are the votes in already)?

    I voted for Scorsese over Malick. Both made visually stunning movies, but Scorsese took a simple children’s book (and it is quite simple, if you’ve ever read it) and turned it into an epic movie with real heart and depth.

    • The Artist is really the only movie I have seen at this point (though Hugo and Midnight In Paris are in my To-Do list), but I would really be surprised if The Artist doesn’t take every single category that it has been nominated for.

  2. I keep hearing rumors from many of the Oscar prognosticators that there’s been sort of an ‘Artist’ backlash within the voting ranks. We’ll see. But, if ‘The Descendents’ wins I’ll… I’ll… be angry and stuff.

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