Mid-Week Oscars Poll: Best Actor & Actress 2012

This year’s Oscar race is fully in swing. In anticipation of the big ceremony on February 26th, let’s vote for our predictions in the big acting categories.

Please read these instructions. This post contains four polls, two for Best Actor and two for Best Actress. Pay attention to the criteria for each poll before you vote.

In this first poll, vote for your prediction of which Best Actor nominee will win the trophy. This has nothing to do with whether you liked the actor’s performance or not. We are strictly trying to guess who the Academy will pick as the winner on awards night.

Who WILL Win Best Actor 2012?

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In this next one, this is where you vote for the actor you feel should win the prize, even if they’re not actually likely to. This is where you voice your personal opinion.

Who SHOULD Win Best Actor 2012?

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Likewise, the first Best Actress poll is for your prediction of which woman will take the trophy.

Who WILL Win Best Actress 2012?

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Finally, vote for the actress you think most deserves the prize.

Who SHOULD Win Best Actress 2012?

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I think the Best Actor category is a lock for Jean Dujardin. Further, I believe that he should win it. In my opinion, he really gave the best performance of the year. I feel a little bad for Gary Oldman, though. Unbelievably, this is his first Oscar nomination, and it looks like the Academy will pass him right over.

The Best Actress category is tougher to predict. My gut feeling is that Meryl Streep will walk away with her third Oscar. However, the fact that this is Glenn Close’s sixth nomination and she hasn’t yet won may pull the Academy voters to her side as a sentimental favorite. Since I have not seen any of these movies, I don’t have any strong feelings about which actress actually deserves to win.

How do you see Oscar night playing out?


  1. Michelle Williams all the way. She deserves a win, especially considering the group she’s up against.

    I can’t believe this is Oldman’s first nomination. I guess he becomes so unrecognizable in most of his roles everyone forgets it’s him anyway. I still find it crazy that Oldman wasn’t even nominated for ‘JFK’ but Tommy Lee Jones was. That was one of the biggest snubs I can remember.

  2. I forgot that Demián Bichir was up for best actor. Jean Dujardin will probably win, and deservably so, but Demián was absolutely amazing. I haven’t seen the other three movies, so I can’t really comment.

  3. I can’t really comment, as I haven’t seen most of these (Really wanted to see at least The Artist). Unfortunately I got dragged to see ‘The Descendents’ the other week. Gawd, what a pointless movie. Certainly Clooney shouldn’t win for it. He spent most of the time expressionless staring into nothing in the centre of the frame (Which I know a lot of directors think equals ‘wonderful acting’). Sometimes he ran, while doing the same thing. To be honest, everyone else in the film did more acting, even his on-screen wife!! 😉

    That was definitely a couple of hours I won’t get back.

    • Go see The Artist. I went by myself, as I finally convinced myself that no one would go with me. Its a great movie, but sadly, in our current culture, I bet 95% of people just won’t get it. to me, though, it was probably one of the greatest movies to come out in years.

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