Poll: The First ‘Batman v. Superman’ Trailer

You told us what you think of the new ‘Star Wars’ trailer. How does the first ‘Batman v. Superman’ teaser look to you?

From what I can determine, the general consensus among those in my online circles has been that people are much more excited about ‘The Force Awakens’ than about the awkwardly-titled ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ after watching the early trailers for each. I can see that, and in fact probably agree. Judging by trailers alone, ‘Star Wars’ looks better. Of course, trailers are frequently misleading.

That’s not to say that this is a bad trailer. In fact, I think it’s a pretty good ad, which shouldn’t be terribly surprising. Zack Snyder is a director who specializes in making money shots that look good in trailers, and this is a very Zack Synder-y, money shot-laden trailer. That most of his movies don’t hold up in terms of story or character development as full length features is where the problem lies. However, knowing nothing else about it than what we see here, I don’t see any reason to dread the movie yet.

Keep in mind that I say this as someone who, 1) felt that Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ franchise really shit the bed in its last outing and that just about any new Batman movie would have to be an improvement, and 2) didn’t hate Snyder’s take on ‘Man of Steel’.

No, ‘Man of Steel’ is not a great movie. I acknowledge many problems with it, worst of all its overabundance of pointless action scenes just for the sake of cramming in lots of action scenes. (Seriously, did we need all that garbage with Russell Crowe riding dragons on Krypton?) But I went into it without any great investment in Superman as a character (I mostly find him boring) and with my expectations set extremely low due to the negative buzz I’d heard. That the film wasn’t as bad as I feared qualified as some sort of minor success for me.

What do you think of this trailer? Are you excited for the movie, or is Batman’s mechanized suit an atrocity in your eyes?

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  1. I think it looks bad. DC seems have to decided that their superhero film are going to be dark and dismal. That’s fine for Batman, but not for the rest of the heroes.

    • Well thats personal opinion, I like the gritty take on the norm, Superman has been the same old Superman forever, he can still turn out to be the shining beacon of light, but it might take some dark and dismal things to get him there….Injustice, the DC fighting game had a great story about Superman having something horrible happen to the ones he loves and finally “snapping” and killing people and becoming the “police” of the world…it was a great story line to go through because it was something different, its supposedly been touched upon in the comics as well though. DC needs something different, Marvel has the “fun” aspect of the Superhero world down pat, hell Ant-Man looks like a blast, DC and WB are sticking with the more realistic and gritty take like Nolan did with his Batman movies, what I like the most out of that trailer is that the people aren’t just magically accepting him like it has been forever when it comes to his character, people are happy, scared, upset, distant, it runs the gamut of realistic human emotions to some crazy being that is essentially god like, to me it works and I cant wait to see this, not to mention that some of it is based on The Dark Knight Returns comics and the 2 part animated movie, watch the animated movie, its great stuff.

  2. Still very early to tell, but I did enjoy Man of Steel for the most part. I think a full trailer will better help me decide what to think as teasers can also be misleading. Remember the Antman teaser? Most people weren’t too impressed by it, myself included, but now the new trailer has got me pumped. The same could go for this movie. I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of Znyder’s work and have no reason to think this will totally suck. I really like this new Batman look. It’s the closest interpretation to a comic book Batman that I’ve seen besides Adam West’s tights and is very different and refreshing from Burton’s and Nolan’s look. The texture of the suit is kind of weird. Sort of looks like duct tape. The voice disguiser is pretty cool. I wonder if Batman will have it through the whole movie or just that Superman-Buster suit. It would be a good way to not be reminded that Affleck is Batman all the time. I still feel Superman should’ve starred in his own sequel before the Batman meeting. He might get upstaged in his own movie. I’m too curious to not see how this movie will play out regardless of bad press or if the critics hate it when the time comes. I gotta see this for myself.

    • C.C. 95

      IS this a Superman movie with Batman in it? Or is this new, and the standalone Superman was just MOS, and that’s it?

  3. William Henley

    This is one of those trailers that looks pretty, but you really cannot tell anything about the movie about it – I mean, it is a teaser after all.

    I haven’t seen the last Superman movie yet (sitting on my self unopened), but it has to be better than that turd which was TDKR.

  4. David C.

    Since I’m one of the eight people worldwide who really enjoyed Man of Steel, I’ll remain optimistic about BvS. The teaser didn’t reveal much but hey, it’s a teaser. We all should already know that the tone of these DC movies is going to be dark and grim, unlike Marvel (not that there’s anything wrong with Marvel’s movies, most are awesome). I’m most worried about how they’re going to integrate all the Wonder Woman/Aquaman/Cyborg/Justice League stuff into this movie without making it seemed crammed, but as long as they keep the focus on Bats, Supes, and Luthor, I think the movie will be fine. (Speaking of Luthor, BTW, kinda troubling that we’re not getting any visual glimpse of Eisenberg… I know we hear him a little bit during the teaser, but he’s probably the most out-there casting decision and they’re keeping him under wraps.)

  5. cardpetree

    The teaser trailer was disappointing overall but at the end of it where Batman says “Tell me, Do you Bleed? You Will” gave me some serious goose bumps.

    • That doesn’t seem something Batman would say.

      And do we REALLY need another Batman with a low, grumbly voice? Is that now the norm? I thought it was cool because Christian Bale was trying something new…Affleck just seems like he’s trying to do Bale.

      • cardpetree

        Don’t read the comics but I was under the assumption that line was straight from a story line from a specific comic?

        • Look at my earlier post, I mentioned what you need to go watch πŸ™‚

          As for a low grumbly voice, I’ve always been fine, Bales was a little too grumbly but overall it made sense for the realistic world they were going for, anyone that knows someone well enough, especially Bruce Wayne who is seen talking on TV and such would HAVE to differentiate themselves out there, hell Daredevil is kind of doing it too on his new show, it isnt as pronounced as Bale’s was, but its still there…..its almost like you guys want the days of Superman where glasses or no glasses fooled people πŸ™‚

          • Chris B

            Even going back to Batman:The Animated Series, he always had a lower more ominous tone to his voice when he was in costume, part of keeping up the two seperate identities of Bruce Wayne and Batman. It’s nothing really new, it just depends on the actor’s rendition of it.

  6. Ted S.

    Too grim but it’s only a teaser. Maybe once they finally release the actual trailer, I might get excited for it. I still can’t get past the fact that they cast Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, I’m sorry I just don’t see him as Luthor at all.

  7. Boston007

    One of the worst trailers I have ever seen.
    Frankly, I’m sick of these stupid dark comic stories that DC is doing.
    I won’t even go see this. It’s a shame because I really like the actor who portrays Superman. Ben Affleck as Batman is completely laughable.

    • Just like Heath Ledger as the Joker was completely laughable before anyone saw the performance right? After being in the camp worried about the role and him playing it, I wont judge ANY more people, no matter who it is, until I see the peformance. Ledger gave one of the best villain portrayals in any Superhero flick, so even with Affleck being Batman, I wont judge him or his performance till I see it.

      If you are sick of the darker comic stories that DC is doing, thats all fine, but what makes them “stupid”…why are you sick of them when hardly any have actually been done? Marvel doesnt do movies like this, so how can you be sick of something thats barely been shown on screen yet? Outside of Nolan’s Batman there really hasnt been many darker comic book movies, but go ahead and turn to Daredevil on Netflix, very dark, violent and mature….excellent show are you also tired of this because you make it seem like you are sick of dark comic stories in general or is it just hating on DC for doing something different?

      • The problem is less that we’ve seen too many angsty superhero movies and more that they’re chasing the Nolan dragon with characters that don’t make sense that way. Dark and gritty make sense for Batman and Daredevil, not so much for Superman. Granted we only have a couple pictures to go on but it seems that same tone will carry over to Aquaman and Wonder Woman as well, hopefully not though. Then we have Fantastic 4 which may just be the least appropriate franchise for a dark & gritty interpretation.

        • The problem with that is, they’ve tried those movies other ways, DC needs something different and bringing Superman into a darker and more realistic world works better on screen, Superman Returns was trying to recreated the Christopher Reeve era of 80s Superman and it didnt work or doesnt work anymore, Nolan proved that a realistic and mature/dark take works even though Batman was already in that kind of world, he was never SHOWN this way on the big screen, Burton’s and to a much more extreme, Schumacher’s Batmans were in some crazy over the top unrealistic world.

          Obviously people have liked the direction WB and DC have been going, Man of Steel did better than most anything else they have done so far, I liked the re-invention of Superman and how he plays into OUR world, this looks to keep that trend up with how people are reacting to him now that he’s shown himself….could you imagine a proper comic version of Aquaman on the big screen? It would probably fail pretty hard, same with the laughable Green Lantern, a much more darker and serious tone for Lantern would have been much better to watch.

          Fantastic 4 I think looks 100x better than the previous films (which were terrible and also NOT darker and more for little kids), another one I think they are going to do well with, they are leaving the Happy, quippy, “fun” movies to Marvel it looks like and thats fine with me, I get all my favorites and both types of movies πŸ™‚

          • Look at DCs TV series though, Arrow & Flash convincingly live in the same world but each show has a completely unique tone. And with Marvel, Daredevil and GOTG coexist in that Universe but again the tone fits the characters. Making every character dark and brooding isn’t really necessary for us to accept them together. I get what you’re saying about having seen positive Superman many times, but we haven’t seen the other characters at all, here’s hoping they won’t all be joyless. (BTW I personally preferred Superman Returns to Man of Steel.) I did absolutely hate the previous F4 films, but this new one still looks like garbage to me. Would have liked something in between the slapsticky cartoon crap and referring to their powers as disabilities. Oh well.

          • Yeah you are right on the characters and how they have been portrayed so far, but there isnt really anything there that says Superman WILL be this dark and brooding character, there might be some of that but I dont think they really will significantly change him in the end, he could have issues with how society is “accepting” him and be somewhat darker to start, but this is the movie that the Justice League will be born from and seeing as how Superman reacted in the first film with doing his absolute best to protect who he could, I dont think that could change much.

            As for Superman Returns, I enjoyed that one because of the Nostalgia to the original Reeve’s Superman, outside of that it was really horrible, a laughable plot about Lex Luther trying to build kryptonite real-state in the ocean, Superman having a super powered son with Lois which of course went no where really…it was pretty damn boring, had some pretty bad acting and had extremely hokey characters like Luthers right hand woman and the list goes on, like I said, as a fan of the original Superman movies this worked for me but as a modern day Superman movie it was pretty awful, Man of Steel gave most of us what we have wanted to see for a LONG time, yes it had some flaws as most movies do, but it was a much more enjoyable ride than any other Superman since the first

  8. NJScorpio

    I love (what appears to be) the impetus for this story. Watching Man of Steel, I couldn’t help but get frustrated at the level of destruction caused by Superman toward the end of the film. All the people who fled the streets, odds are, went into those buildings and parking garages that were promptly destroyed. It seemed like poor writing, at the time.

    But, apparently that was the point. Superman, while having good intent, is associated with the conflict that followed him from Krypton. He is viewed as “alien”, too far removed from humanity to be trusted. Our own inferiority in light of this super being results in fear and anger.

    So much anger, we turn to Ben Affleck.

  9. Timcharger

    Chaz Dumbaugh: “I like the most out of that trailer is that the people aren’t just magically accepting him like it has been forever when it comes to his character, people are happy, scared, upset, distant, it runs the gamut of realistic human emotions to some crazy being that is essentially god like.”

    I really like this theme being explored. It ties back to Man of Steel’s
    Kevin Costner’s position on revealing his son to the world. Costner
    didn’t want his young son to go through the suspicion, fear, hate
    that would come from many people. Not just science and the
    scientific leaders would have to change their view of the world.
    The religious and political leaders, who are prone to much more
    violence, they will have a hard time adjusting to a world with a

  10. Nathan

    I am completely board shirtless of all the gritty takes on everything, death to grittiness!!! The film looks shit

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