Poll: The New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer

It’s been more than four months since we caught a fleeting glimpse of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ in the first teaser trailer. Not much else about the film leaked out after that, until this week’s Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim, where the new official trailer was unveiled. So, how’s it look?

This is, finally, a proper trailer, with a pretty substantive look at the movie. Yet it also, fortunately, doesn’t spoil too much about the plot. I appreciate that.

I wasn’t too impressed with the original teaser, which looked like typical J.J. Abrams flashy and shallow nonsense smothered in CGI crap. This one is a lot better. This looks like ‘Star Wars’ to me. It looks epic, and that shot of the crashed Star Destroyer is very striking. My hopes for the movie have risen with this.

Of course, ‘The Phantom Menace’ had a great trailer too, and we know how that turned out.

What’s your take?

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  1. Chris B

    The shot of the crashed Star Destroyer was a great way to set an epic tone for the trailer. I’m curious about the shot of Vader’s semi-melted helmet/skull, is it in Luke’s possession? (Which would be pretty morbid) or some evil Sith Lord’s? I’m not sure I’m completely sold on the Villain’s mask, actually looks kind of Egyptian to me but I’ll reserve judgement till we see more of it. There’s definetly some shots in here that feel very Abrams-y, hopefully his aesthetic doesn’t overwhelm things and this still feels like a Star Wars movie. The ladt shot of Han and Chewie is what got people the most stoked apparrently . What I mostly took away from it was: “Holy Fuck Harrison Ford looks old and haggard!” lol All in all I enjoyed the trailer alot…already looking to the next one being released.

  2. Harrison looks old, but Chewy hasn’t seemed to age a bit. Looks cool, but hasn’t got the nerd juices totally flowing. I liked it about as much as the first trailer, maybe a pinch more.

    • Could be wrong and I may just be projecting this but Chewie looked just a little bit older in the eyes to me. For some reason when I looked at him I thought “oh the eyes looked tweeked” like they’re a little more squinty than they used to be.

    • Timcharger

      Yeah, maybe a few streaks of grey fur on Chewie would be helpful to Harrison’s appearance.
      Thank goodness, they didn’t try the earrings look to make Harrison look younger.

  3. Chris B

    Like most people, I can’t help but wonder what Han and Chewie are looking at in that shot. What would he be referring to as “home”? Tattooine? Jakku? Endor? A retirement home for intergalactic smugglers?!

    • David Voss

      Possibly the Millennium Falcon is what they’re referring to as home, but that’s just a guess on my part.

      • Chris B

        I assumed they were IN the Millenium Falcon when he said that. However, now taking a second look it sort of looks like a dessert tunnel sort of background over Han’s left shoulder. Maybe the Falcon has been in storage since the battle on Endor and they’re about to fire it back up….

        • Kevin

          Have any of you actually SEEN a Star Wars movie?! Of course they are in the Falcon and referring to it! It’s clearly one of the corridors of the Falcon.

          • Chris B

            Haha..it just seemed weird that they both seemed to be staring OUT of the Falcon and referring to it as “home”. Instead of
            looking around and stating they were home.

    • Dennis Heller

      I’m guessing they’re enter the cockpit. Presumably they were expecting someone to be there, hence the crossbow.

  4. cardpetree

    It looks to me like they were having to take the Millenium Falcon back from someone or force it from someone (no pun intended). Maybe the Empire has the Millenium Falcon and some of those scenes from the first and second trailer of tie fighters chasing them are showing Han and Chewie stealing or taking the Falcon back. Also assuming “we’re home” means back in the Millenium Falcon.

  5. Josh Zyber

    Umm, so, apparently I published this post with a note at the end stating that we wouldn’t have a Roundtable this week. I thought I had taken that out. In fact, we will have a Roundtable at the usual time.

  6. Less lense flare, didn’t noticed “NOOOO!”‘s… it could be all right… I would like to get involved in the story, accept it as Star Wars but i’m sceptical. It would be only a movie.

  7. William Henley

    As always, I am torn between two choices. I think this is a much better trailer than the teaser was. Of course, I am also beside myself with excitement – even after seeing The Phantom Menace, I was still excited to see Attack of the Clones, and the prequels did get better with each installment. This trailer has excited me for the new movie again, and I know, like many others, I will most likely be at the theater opening day

  8. Jon

    I don’t have a mysterious personal grudge against JJ Abrams so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. He did a good job with Super 8 and The first Star Trek so there’s a good chance he’ll do well with the biggest property he’s been handed yet. Damon Lindelof isn’t involved so that’s a good sign right off the bat, plus Abrams seems to be matching the ‘look’ of the original series pretty well (with modern special effects).

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