Poll: Which Blu-rays Will You Buy in the November 2016 Criterion Sale?

November is here, which means that the new Barnes & Noble Criterion Collection sale has begun! These things are often wallet-busters. How much will you expand your collection this month?

At each of these semi-annual Barnes & Noble sales, I try to compile a list of recent Criterion titles that are now eligible for the discount pricing. The following is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of every Criterion Blu-ray. This is merely a reference to those discs issued since B&N’s previous sale ended on July 28th, 2016. If you plan to buy older Criterion releases during this sale, vote “Other” and tell us which ones in the Comments section.

Starting yesterday through November 28th, all in-print Criterion Collection titles are 50% off MSRP, both in stores and at barnesandnoble.com. The discounted price applies to upcoming titles that will be released through the end of the sale period, but not to any preorders scheduled for after the sale ends.

Which Blu-rays Will You Buy in the November 2016 Criterion Sale?

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Criterion typically slows down its output in the second half of the year. Since August, the label has only released 24 Blu-rays, two of which were reissues to remove DVD copies from the package.

I was fortunate enough to grab some of these options at Costco recently. (Costco has the same 50% price, but its selection is usually poor.) Of those left, I will prioritize ‘Short Cuts’ and ‘Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams’. Other discs of interest to me include ‘Cat People’, ‘Night Train to Munich’, ‘Punch-Drunk Love’ and ‘Woman in the Dunes’.

Which Criterion titles have you been waiting for this sale to purchase?


  1. I already bought TIME BANDITS, BLOOD SIMPLE and PAN’S LABYRINTH yesterday. Will hopefully be picking up the 2 DOLLS films and CAT PEOPLE today. Will pick up PUNCH-DRUNK, DREAMS and SQUID once they all get released. Already pre-ordered LONE WOLF on Amazon a while back for $40! May get 3 more titles if I feel like taking one more plunge and if I do, those will likely be BOYHOOD, ONE-EYED JACKS and KURONEKO.

  2. Deaditelord

    Never thought I’d say this about a Criterion sale, but nothing for me this time. The only Criterion title I’m really interested in right now is Lone Wolf and Cub and I was lucky enough to pre-order it when Amazon accidentally listed it at $39.99. Of course that all changes if the deluxe Michael Bay The Rock/Armageddon limited edition blu-ray set shows up 🙂

  3. William Henley

    Night Train To Munich sounds interesting enough that I might consider a blind buy. Didn’t realize it was Criterion. Other than that, it’s nothing for me

  4. Chris B

    I have a hundred dollar bet on the US election next week, if that pans out I plan on ordering:
    The New World
    Pan’s Labryinth
    McCabe and Mrs. Miller
    Punch-Drunk Love
    Short Cuts
    The Player
    The Fisher King
    One-Eyed Jacks
    The Ice Storm.

    If I happen to lose the bet I’ll have to prioritize 4-5 discs out of the list.

  5. Csm101

    I should be getting Lone Wolf and Cub as a birthday gift and is the one I want most. I do already own them, but very dnr’d and this version looks to correct that. I also already own Blood Simple, but would like this version, but last Criterion sale I bought a lot of bluray double dips, so maybe this time I hope to get some new material. Cat People, Short Cuts, the Valley of Dolls movies, Carnival of Souls, The Executioner and a few others interest me. I just made a very big purchase in the form of an Atmos/DTS:X receiver and the week of the 15th has three 3D titles that I must own plus a super expensive Synapse film and possibly Moby Dick. Realistically, I might get one or two this time around. Last time I got five. We’ll see…

  6. Chris B

    Quick question regarding the sale; I’ve never placed a pre-order with B&N duringnone of these sales and I’m wondering how it works. Once you place the order does B&N wait until the street date of the last title to be released and then ship everything all at once? Or do they ship whatever titles are available when you place your order and then fire off the titles you pre-ordered during the sale as they’re released? And if so, are you charged for shipping on each item?

    I only ask because I’m planning on ordering Punch-Drunk Love and One-Eyed Jacks, two titles that don’t street until later this month. If ordering them before the release dates means I’ll end up paying way more in shipping I’m apt to either wait til the third week in November or just not place any pre-orders at all….

    • Al

      I pre-order from B&N, during nearly every Criterion sale. They have ALWAYS shipped my items as they become available, even if my order is for 3 pre-order items and 3 items that are already available and in stock. In fact, even if you place an order for multiple pre-order items that each have different release dates, they ship each one as it becomes available. They don’t wait until the last release date to ship your entire order.

  7. Darkmonk

    You might wanna change that bit up top where it reads “what Blu rays will you buy in the JULY 2016 sale”.
    It’s November, Home-slice….

  8. David Hollingsworth

    I will probably get at least Dekalog, The Squid and the Whale, and Punch Drunk Love. If I have enough gift cards left, I will probably get Valley of the Dolls, or The Thin Blue Line.

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