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Poll: Which Blu-rays Will You Buy in the July 2017 Criterion Sale?

Is your bank account still reeling from Amazon’s big Prime Day sale yesterday? Don’t put your wallet away just yet. It’s also time for the semi-annual Barnes & Noble sale on Criterion Collection discs. What will you pick up in this round?

At each of these B&N sales, I try to compile a list of recent Criterion titles that are now eligible for the discount pricing. The following is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of every Criterion Blu-ray. This is merely a reference to those discs issued since B&N’s previous sale ended on November 28th, 2016. If you plan to buy older Criterion releases during this sale, vote “Other” and tell us which ones in the Comments section.

Starting yesterday through August 7th, all in-print Criterion Collection titles are 50% off MSRP, both in stores and at The discounted price applies to upcoming titles that will be released through the end of the sale period, but not to any preorders scheduled for after the sale ends.

Which Blu-rays Will You Buy in the July 2017 Criterion Sale?

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Fortunately, I already own several of these recent discs, either because I reviewed them for this site or because Costco already carried them for the 50% price. (In the case of the ‘Before Trilogy’, I lucked out on a short-lived Amazon pricing error.)

Even so, there’s still a bunch I’d love to get. My finances being what they are at the moment, I will prioritize ‘Roma’ and ‘The Exterminating Angel’.

Note: Amazon is currently selling ‘Woman of the Year’ at an even better 60% off, so be sure to check that out if the movie is on your list.


  1. Csm101

    I picked up Ghost World yesterday but I didn’t have any time to browse for other titles. I don’t always have a plan with the Criterion sale. I would love to pick up the Straw Dogs and Blood Simple remasters but maybe I’ll get something unexpected. Next time I go, hopefully I’ll have time to peruse through the movies and get at least one or two more.

  2. Scott

    I picked up Blood Simple, Roma, and Straw Dogs yesterday. Put in a pre-order for Stalker. Still considering buying Dekalog set during the sale.

  3. NJScorpio

    I’m in the process of moving over my collection to digital copies, so my extra cash is going toward that instead of buying physical discs. This doesn’t really apply to my Criterions* because I want to watch their transfers off of disc and not streaming, it means I will most likely be skipping this sale. I really want to pick up the latest Hitchcock releases. Maybe next time.

    *For those wondering, I was able to get UltraViolet digital copies through Vudu’s disc to digital service (using a Blu-Ray drive) of Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Spy Who Came in From The Cold, The Game, Brazil, Being John Malkovich, Days of Heaven, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, On The Waterfront, and Videodrome.

      • NJScorpio

        Oh, of course, which is why I’d never suggest that an UV library can replace a Criterion one. But, for $2 (if you have a Blu-ray drive) you can get digital versions of a surprising number of Criterion titles. No harm in having a version of ‘Being John Malkovich’ to watch on your tablet.

        It’s just this transition does cost a few bucks per movie, and my collection isn’t something to sneeze at, so I’m putting extra cash toward that instead of new movie purchases.

        *For what it’s worth, it’s compressed video on Blu-Ray too…

          • NJScorpio

            I believe they are older transfers, as they tend to be titles that had some sort of release prior to their entry into the Criterion collection. No luck for stuff like ‘High and Low’, ‘The 39 Steps’ or ‘Diabolique’…but ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ works.

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