Mid-Week Poll: Are You Interested in 3-D?

3-D is certainly the hottest topic in cinema and home theater these days. Nonetheless, it’s also one of the most divisive. Some people love it, while others can’t stand it. Where do you fall?

I have a lot of interest in 3-D and look forward to upgrading my home theater to add it whenever I find the right combination of equipment that meets my needs. Even so, I will be the first to acknowledge that a lot of 3-D is very gimmicky and useless. I only like it when it’s done well.

Let’s hear what you think. Vote in the poll below. You may vote for more than one option if appropriate.

Are You Interested in 3-D?

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  1. Brandon Erwin

    I think it really depends on not only the quality of the 3-D itself, but also the genre of movie utilizing the technology. In my opinion the 3-D can be amazing, but also out of place and misused.

  2. TJ

    I have only seen 3-D twice as I won’t pay to see it in the theaters. Once was on a 40″, may have been 46″, Samsung LED in a store setting and the other was on a touring truck Panasonic had with a 103″ plasma. I was not impressed either time.

    The LED was just to small to waste more than 60 seconds looking at it even from just a few feet away.

    I actually got to spend 20-30 minutes on the Panasonic truck but I was not a fan of the demo. Even though this is not supposed to be as much of an issue with the new shutter glasses it caused me major eye strain and was starting to give me a headache by the time it was done.

    Until they get rid of the glasses I don’t have much interest in checking out any type of 3-D at this point.

  3. I am so excited about this! As my current TV is not 120Hz and I am still paying on it, right now I am using my computer to do anaglyphic 3D. Yeah, color sucks, but its REALLY cool! Love the fact that it even works on old home movies! I plan to pick up an actual 3D set with glasses in about a year!

    I love even more stuff that was actually shot in 3D or expertly converted. Have you guys seen The Grand Canyon 3D Demo yet? Its AWESOME! Sure does blow away the CGI stuff!

    I am so uber excited (Yes, I said uber, deal with it)about this 3D stuff! The active shutter technology is deffinately the way to go – way better than the polorized glasses used at most theaters. I still see doubles if I am not sitting in the sweet spot of a theater, but with a 3DTV, you are not fighting with others over that sweet spot. And now that content is actually coming out…

  4. Bob Page

    I for one like it when done right. I just recently bought a Pansonic 50″ VT25, which has the 3D capability. I bought it to replace my original plasma that died. I bought it because I read that it was the best plasma display for 2D viewing as well as having the 3D capability. It is a seriously gorgeous picture, in either format. We watched the included Ice Age movie and it was beautiful, bright and non headache inducing. Let’s be honest there isn’t any content of interest really available yet for adults, but there wasn’t all that much content for HD either when I first bought my other set.

    Why 3D ? It is an evolutionary step towards capturing reality. People said why talkies, why color, why cineamascope, why HD ?

    Two things that are different in this 3D wave. The kids are being imprinted to accept this as a quality viewing experience, this will grow and mature as they grow and mature. Second is video gaming. Almost all games are created in 3D worlds but rendered in 2D. This, like the computer animated 3D movies, is very easy to translate to 3D with just selecting the secondary view point and re rendering the files. After the Sony Move and Microsoft Kinnect finish crashing with a big thud, 3D will be the attraction that sizzles the next wave of video platforms that are coming in the next couple of years.

    Oh yeah, Jim Cameron, if you are listening, this is no time to be coy. You are spearheading this movement to 3D filmaking,release the 3D Avatar already and give us people who have invested in this new technology some quality content.

  5. I couldn’t care less about 3-D for movies. It just doesn’t add to the experience for me. In fact, I found that in movies like ‘Avatar,’ the 3-D actually took away from my enjoyment since clearly even James Cameron doesn’t know what to do with it yet.

    Games on the other hand. I’ll play 3-D games. Having control of the action is essential to making 3-D work for me, and games give you that. I never felt amazed by the dizzying heights when watching Avatar in 3-D, but I felt it when I was playing Mirror’s Edge 🙂

  6. EM

    After much deliberation, I chose “I have only rarely cared for 3-D”.

    I really like the idea of 3DTV capability. However, in addition to having qualms about early-generation technology and the cost of upgrading, I am underwhelmed by the prospect of 3-D content. At the present time, there is simply nothing that I feel compelled to have in 3-D (whether already available or announced for 3-D Blu-ray release or not). That may eventually change, but currently there is no good reason for me to get enthused.

  7. motorheadache

    I picked 3-D without glasses, as that is probably the only way I’d pay for a 3D TV at any point (unless when I need a new one they all have 3D that is)

    But quite frankly, 3-D could just fizzle out and go away and I really wouldn’t care.

  8. Patrick A Crone

    I have no horse in this race. I haven’t been able to see 3-D images since my late 20s. My left eye is extremely far sided and the glasses I wear to correct it keep my eyes from processing 3-D. What this means for me is I will never worry about paying extra money to see a movie or 3-D home theater equipment. Unfortunately if I want to by the next Nintendo DS(3DS) I’ll be paying for a technology that I can’t use. Sure I can turn it off but I’ll still be paying for it.

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