The Bonus View Digest - June 17, 2011

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We're really ramping up our efforts on The Bonus View to bring you the widest variety of news, opinion, and editorials about the high-def world as humanly possible. This week was no exception as we had some great entries from our crack team of writers. If you missed out on any of these fun and informative posts, it's time to catch up as we rundown the past week's posts.

Blu-ray News

Josh, as he does every week, gave us a quick look at what Blu-rays we could expect to see in stores this week. It wasn't a big week for Blu-ray releases, but if you're a fan of skull-crushing LFE then you'll probably want to take a gander at 'Battle: Los Angeles.'

We like to cover all aspects of the Blu-ray experience, right down to the artwork that comes on the disc. This week's Uncovered showed us some of the new cover art for 'Blood Simple', 'Nikita: The Complete First Season', and 'The Island'.

We also had a big exclusive contest this week where we're giving away 'The Adjustment Bureau' on Blu-ray. The deadline to enter is today, so if you haven't done so you'd better get on that. Nothing is better than a free Blu-ray. Stay tuned because we always have contests popping up on the blog and you wouldn't want to miss out.

Oh, and a little movie called 'Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence' got banned in the UK for being too downright disgusting.

TV Recaps

As always we here at The Bonus View try to give you a wide variety of recaps of your favorite TV shows. These posts are places where you can discuss the plots and characters of the TV shows you've become invested in with other fans just like you. This week we had recaps of 'Game of Thrones', 'The Killing', and 'Covert Affairs'. As the summer TV season heats up we'll have more recaps to bring you. Keep checking the blog for recaps of 'Burn Notice' and the new alien invasion series 'Falling Skies'.

Video Game News

On the video game front Dick Ward treated us to an overview of the E3 2011 video game expo, and also let us know that 'Duke Nukem Forever' finally came out after over a decade of waiting.

Theatrical News

Luke Hickman covers everything about what's going on in the theaters near you, and this week he had a review for 'Green Lantern'. He let us know what we can expect to see this weekend in theaters, and we had another controversial 3D post go up. This time Luke dissects how Hollywood is starting to feel about the technology and if it's worth it to continue the saturation they've begun.

Aaron Peck checked out some of the new movie posters for 'Super 8' and 'Conan' in this week's edition of Posterizing.

Special Features

This week we saw quite a few editorials where we got a chance to voice our opinions on the ever-changing world in Hollywood. This week The Academy announced that they are going to a variable number of Best Picture nominees. One year we could have five, the next year maybe eight. What do you think about their decision? Join in on the conversation.

In our Weekend Roundtable us writers took on the subject of trying to find good things about bad movies. Looking for the positive in a piles of crap is hard, but we did it. In last week's Mid-Week Poll we already figured out that Stephen Sommers was a worse director than Michael Bay. This week's Poll pitted Sommers against Uwe Boll.

As you can see we're up to quite a bit on The Bonus View and we'd love for you to join us. So what are you waiting for? Come on over!