‘The Killing’ 1.12 Recap: “I Know What You Did”

In the wake of Anthony Weiner’s wiener photo scandal, this week’s episode of ‘The Killing’ takes on a whole new context. I for one thought that the show would shy away from Richmond being personally involved with the crime, and that this angle would instead become more of a red herring. We in the audience naturally suspect politicians of wrongdoing because we inherently don’t trust them. As a result, I thought that Richmond would come away squeaky clean in the end. Boy, was I wrong.

Apparently, I was in the minority about last week’s episode. I didn’t think it was a great episode, and felt like it should have been moved closer to the beginning of the season. This late in the season, I wanted real movement on the case. Fortunately, this week’s episode ‘Beau Soleil’ comes back in a big way.

Linden and Holder are getting closer to finding out who really killed Rosie. We learn that she’s been to that Indian casino numerous times making huge deposits into a bank account that she opened up with her aunt’s ID. My assumption was correct that Rosie looked a little too dolled up in those photos, like she was doing a little more than just hanging out with friends late at night. No, it seems – at least right now – that Rosie had become entangled in a high-end escort service.

This escort service has ties to just about everyone on the show. Richmond has been using them for ages, and now there are incriminating photos of him out there with these other women. Richmond’s biggest supporter uses the service routinely, and even tries to get Jamie Wright to partake.

Politicians who act unbecoming is nothing new. I had to laugh when it was reported that Mayor Adams dug up an old Indian burial ground on the site of his new waterfront project. That’s some bad mojo for sure.

Linden has become a bit more brazen in her actions. She wants to get this case solved so that she can move on with her life. When she started emailing the anonymous email account of Orpheus (the man they think is responsible for Rosie’s murder), I thought, “Now that’s pretty ballsy.”

Then there’s the big reveal – something that turns the entire season on its head. Richmond isn’t the saint we all assumed. He’s been talking about ethics and the “right thing” this whole time, and now we find out that he’s far more implicated in Rosie’s death than we ever thought possible. Or is he? It’s just like this show to throw another wrench into the works. I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow someone has hacked into Richmond’s email and that’s how he’s getting sent those messages. Whatever happens, ‘The Killing’ has again reinforced something we already knew to be an inalienable truth: Never trust politicians. Ever.

Other Random Thougths:
  • If Richmond was the real culprit, why would he talk about drowning? His wife didn’t die by being drowned, did she? She was killed by a drunk driver.
  • What did Tom Drexler mean when he talked about Richmond having to clean up after him? Did he already have something in mind that needed cleaning up? Or was it just an offhand comment.
  • Speaking of Drexler, he uses the same escort service and seems just slimy enough to leave a girl in a trunk to drown.
  • How cool would it be to have a house that has a ceiling that doubles as a pool?
  • ‘The Killing’ has been renewed by AMC for a second season, which begs the question of whether we’ll find out who killed Rosie this season, or whether the investigation will drag on into Season 2.
  • Lastly, does anyone really have their computer set to give them an annoying ding every time they receive an email? That was pretty unbelievable. I’ve never met a person that actually does something like that.


  1. Mrs. Z believes that this episode seals the deal that Richmond is the killer. I’m inclined to think that it’s a last-minute red herring. We’ll see who’s right on Sunday.

    I also thought the “You’ve Got Mail” chime was a little ridiculous. Who still has that? In fact, this episode required A LOT of suspension of disbelief about how email works. How would the other cop back at the station be able to tell that “Orpheus” had read the email Linden sent to an anonymous web-mail account? Why would Richmond have mail from his “Orpheus” account directed to the same inbox as his business emails? (He’d have to be a complete moron to do that.) How is it possible that a politician running for office only has a half dozen emails in his inbox? Who arranges their inbox so that new emails go to the bottom, not the top?

    These things boggle the mind. 🙂

  2. Aaron Peck

    The whole email thing would’ve been easier to explain if, say, Richmond had a laptop on the counter and Linden caught a new message popping up out of the corner of her eye. I don’t buy the dinging of the email. Seems a bit silly.

  3. TJ Kats

    That part was so dumb. Agree that a laptop off to the side would have been better. That ding was so loud that it sounded like he had it hooked up through whole home audio to play in every room.

  4. Robbert

    Keep in mind that windows has a default e-mail sound set and most user don’t take the time to walk through options. The just use software as it’s presented.

    I have the “Mail mofo” from Eurotrip as mail sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wVRUmz8CaE

    And for the date order, thunderbird displays the last received mail on the bottom by default. Just because you do it other than that doesn’t mean that everybody does it.

    I wouldn’t let those silly details distract me from a great series

  5. Ed, Watertown MA

    Some of us are still dinging. I’m in sales/account management and still have my email notification active (though turned WAY down from the Richmond’s volume) since there are clients I may want to respond to immediately. And I’ve been a daily internet user since 1993.

    In addition, some email software lets you use a return receipt function that shows if your email has been opened.

    That said, I’m leaning toward Drexler with Richmond’s staffer Jamie being involved in the cover-up.

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