High-Def Digest-Digest - December 20, 2010

Posted Mon Dec 20, 2010 at 12:35 PM PST by Dick Ward

A lot has been happening in the last two weeks.  Blu-rays have been announced and canceled, new products have hit the market, and companies have announced their plans for CES.  If you've been too busy to browse through it all, don't worry.  That's why the High-def Digest-Digest is here.

Blu-ray News

'Bambi (Two-Disc Diamond Edition)' Blu-ray Fully Detailed
A Disney film hitting Blu-ray is always reason to celebrate, and 'Bambi,' which comes out on the first of March, is no exception.  The set will include behind-the-scenes features, a never before heard song and, of course, one of the most beloved movies of all time.

'The Social Network' Blu-ray Dated and Detailed
It's an almost certain Oscar winner starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and a suprisingly good Justin Timberlake and it's coming to Blu-ray on January 11th, just in time to spend all the gift certificates you'll be getting for Christmas.

'Waiting for Superman' Announced for Blu-ray
David Guggenheim, director of 'An Inconvenient Truth,' tackles a different subject in this critically lauded documentary about our public school systems.  It's hitting Blu-ray on February 22nd.

'The Walking Dead: Season One' Dated for Blu-ray
If you've been enjoying AMC's new show 'The Walking Dead,' you're not alone.  You'll have to compete with a horde of others to pick this Blu-ray up when it  comes out on March 8th.

'Thelma & Louise: 20th Anniversary Edition' Dated for Blu-ray
Ridley Scott directed this legendary crime drama, which celebrates its 20th anniversary next year.  Susan Sarandon stars with Geena Davis.  It's also one of the earliest movie appearances by Brad Pit.  You can pick up the Blu-ray on February 8th.

'Heavy Metal' Blu-ray Postponed Indefinitely
If you've been waiting to pick up the animated cult classic, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, you're going to have to keep waiting.  'Heavy Metal' has been postponed on Blu-ray until further notice.

'Avatar' 3D Blu-ray May Be Panasonic Exclusive Until 2012
If you're a fan of 'Avatar' and you're a fan of 3D you may be waiting for a while (Or you can buy it NOW!).  The 3D Blu-ray is rumored to be a Panasonic exclusive until February of 2012.  That's another year and a half from now.

Other News

Sony, IMAX and Discovery Announce New 3D Programming
Been waiting for that 3D content to arrive?  Sony, Discover and IMAX are bringing it to you in the form of a new channel that includes bull riding, behind-the-scenes manufacturing videos and extreme sports.

FLO TV Customers Get a Full Refund
FLO TV seemed like a good idea - it really did.  Sadly, it was not to be and the service shut down.  Lucky for customers of the service, the company is offering a full refund on your purchases.

Blockbuster Changes In-Store Pricing – Adds New Movies to Kiosks
Though the company is returning to the confusing tiered pricing in stores including separate categories for "Just Arrived" and "New Releases," they're adding plenty of new Blu-rays and DVDs to their kiosks.

Westinghouse Debuting Personal 3D Viewer at CES
Personal media viewers are a bit of a niche market, but with the addition of 3D they become very interesting indeed.

Gear Review: Logitech Harmony One & PS3 Adapter
Michael S. Palmer gives a rave review of the Harmony One and PS3 adapter, saying "I'm a pretty big fan and will easily recommend this unit to anyone in this price and set up range."

The Bonus View

'Tron Legacy' Dazzles, Disappoints
Turns out the new 'Tron' movie isn't great, as Drew Taylor points out in his review, stating that not only is the movie not great, but "it’s the weirdest $300 million video art installation you’ll see all year."

This Bites.  Another Great Show Gets Canceled
'Terriers' was a tremendously good show that's not going to make it to a second season due to incredibly low viewership - Josh Zyber isn't happy

'Epic Mickey' is an Epic Disappointment
The game had such a great amount of potential, but 'Epic Mickey' is just another awful game for a system that's got far too many of them.

Why 'Let Me In' Should be Nominated for Best Picture
Movie reviewer Drew Taylor hails 'Let Me In,' praising it for excellent movie making in a genre that's sorely lacking it.