Bonus View Digest - June 22, 2012

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A lot happened this week. We're winding down the TV Madness tournament which is culminating with an extremely tough matchup in which most people might find it hard to cast a vote. We also have reviews for the big new movies opening up this weekend. Check out all the Bonus View content below that you might have missed.

Blu-ray News

We announced our 'Falling Skies' contest results. Congratulations to readers VIOZ and Jim S. for winning a free Blu-ray of 'Falling Skies: Season 1', and thanks to Dolby Labs for sponsoring the giveaway. We have plenty of giveaways, so keep watching the blog for your chance to win free stuff!

In our Blu-ray Highlights post you can follow the specifics about what happened to the 'Blade' releases that we were supposed to have in stores this week.

If you're interested in Steelbooks, Tom has a great post on the new UK Steelbook that will be available for the upcoming release of ''The Raid: Redemption'.'

TV Madness

Jack Bauer took on Seven of Nine while Buffy fought tooth-and-nail with Cameron. Bauer and Cameron emerged as winners and the two finalists in the tournament. Today the final match will be posted on the blog an you'll have your chance to crown the most deserving character. Don't forget to vote.

Theatrical News

Wondering what to expect from the new movies coming out this weekend? Well, Luke has you covered. Is Pixar's new 'Brave' Pixar-good or just good? Is 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' worth seeing? Check out our reviews to see what Luke thought.

Also this week, we learned from Josh that Dolby is rolling out its new Dolby Atmos product this weekend in select theaters. We have a list of theaters in the post. Atmos will soon spread, but right now you'll only find it at these particular theaters showing with 'Brave.'

TV Recaps

Did you make it all the way through 'The Killing'? Are you simply following along with us through our recaps and not bothering to watch the show? Either way is fine. We've got a season two finale recap that you just have to read.

Other recaps include the season two premiere of 'Suits,' the quasi-season premiere of 'Dallas,' and episodes of 'Longmire' and 'True Blood.'

Special Features

This week's Weekend Roundtable focused on Tom Cruise's best and worst movies. What do you think? Also, in the Mid-Week Poll we asked how you perceive box sets especially when there are still other movies being planned for the same franchise. Do you buy them or do you wait?

Thanks for joining us this week. June has flown by. July is almost here which means some really big theatrical openings. Stay tuned.

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